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AND FINALLY: The one that got away!

published 2022-09-27 19:05:39


Malcolm's Aircraft Malcolm is not a ‘spotter' but since his first flight, probably to Israel in... (more) published 2022-09-27 16:56:50

AND FINALLY: Airborne ukulele

What would George Formby make of it? And they were perhaps lucky that Frank Skinner was not around! A Hawaii-bound Southwest Airlines... (more) published 2022-09-24 08:22:17

AND FINALLY: The Queen and air travel. *

It's not known when the Queen first flew. The editor recalls a visit to Plymouth and her departure from Roborough City Airport in... (more) published 2022-09-18 13:47:06

AND FINALLY: The King's Flight *

For the record "The Queen's Flight" will not have to be renamed "The King's Flight". On 1 April 1995, The... (more) published 2022-09-09 13:07:07


Gibraltar's new status. The Crown dependency of Gibraltar, famous for its apes, popular with cruise ships, and as a back door... (more) published 2022-08-30 09:21:31

AND FINALLY: Delta is not an airline

Travellers may be confused!Our friends at Head for Points (HfP) tell us that Marriott, the omnipresent US hotel group, is in the... (more) published 2022-08-26 11:52:18


Three people are passengers on a plane: a bishop, a boy scout and the quiz expert known as ‘the Brain of Britain'.There's... (more) published 2022-08-20 08:17:35

AND FINALLY EXTRA: The car quiz answer from last week is now up.

CLICK here for the answer published 2022-08-14 18:41:41

AND FINALLY: A lovely 40-year-old story *

Forty years ago, on 13 August, twins Lynsey and David Henderson were uniquely born almost 40 miles apart.The eldest of the two, Lynsey... (more) published 2022-08-12 11:26:56

AND FINALLY: What car?

And the year?Please enter via OUR READERS FINEST WORDS There are no prizes except the glory of getting it right.BTN will... (more) published 2022-08-06 13:25:44

AND FINALLY: Man overboard

"Man overboard" screamed Cunard's Queen Victoria public address system last week.This is a strange one the gathering on board... (more) published 2022-07-31 16:53:54


A passenger on an overnight rail service from Scotland to London said he was left speechless after waking to find the train had not even... (more) published 2022-07-23 16:22:02

AND FINALLY: Lost Property

We have used the correct headline because it is correct.Last week a new hotel opened in the City of London called ‘Lost... (more) published 2022-07-22 15:02:15

AND FINALLY: Elizabeth Line confusion *

In fact it should be Northern Line mistake!Travellers southbound on London's Northern Line should be aware (at this time) that the... (more) published 2022-07-17 12:09:23

AND FINALLY: Airbnb available in prime location

# published 2022-07-10 10:24:13

AND FINALLY: What's in a name? *

Royal Caribbean (RCCL) has named its latest ship Utopia of the Seas, a rather positive way of identifying a vessel operated by humans... (more) published 2022-07-02 23:16:50

AND FINALLY: PR at its best!

Your Editor-in-Chief arrived at the Marriott Marquis Doha last week only to find this waiting for him in his room at the hotel. What a... (more) published 2022-06-25 12:35:27


Türkiye Havayolları a new airline name.But not a new airline.Turkey's national carrier, Turkish Airlines, which... (more) published 2022-06-18 03:54:44


Cheap flights from New York. Nothing new. This from 1973. See also in this week's BTN New York's new interntional... (more) published 2022-06-12 14:07:10

AND FINALLY: A Putin joke

He dies and goes to hell, but after a while, he is given a day off for good behaviour.So he goes to Moscow, enters a bar, orders a drink, and... (more) published 2022-05-31 05:30:46


Everts Air Fuel Curtiss C-46F Commando on a fuel-hauling run from Kenai to Nikolai, Alaska, 27 May 2021. Built in 1944 and still flying.... (more) published 2022-05-28 17:44:50

AND FINALLY: Geneva (near) disaster! *

What an advert for private jets!Our regular contributor Alison Chambers was in Geneva last week for the European Business Aviation... (more) published 2022-05-28 08:57:29

AND FINALLY: The Elizabeth line & the lost page!

This was to be the final page of London City Airport 30 Years Serving the Capital (by Malcolm Ginsberg), the official and... (more) published 2022-05-19 15:37:52

AND FINALLY: Hotel service

It does not exist.We've all heard of poor hotel service but a property in the Italian resort of Rimini is going one better.Except... (more) published 2022-05-15 10:42:02


This is the third of three prototype TVR Trident Coupés, designed by Trevor Fiore and hand-built in steel on stretched TVR... (more) published 2022-05-15 10:24:04

AND FINALLY EXTRA (via Salon Prive)

What car is this? It's British and viewed at the Chelsea Hospital show. Please enter OUR READERS' FINEST WORDS (see below) We... (more) published 2022-05-07 08:35:17

AND FINALLY: Dogs used the lamp posts first *

Seen in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. It will clearly catch on. And well done Fulham. published 2022-05-04 23:50:08

AND FINALLY: Nice one Michael

Other than his airline, Michael O'Leary's real major interest seems to be horses.To his credit Ryanair has become the official... (more) published 2022-04-30 21:10:24

AND FINALLY: Noisy lot the Irish

Or at least one of them Dublin Airport reports.Last year the state-owned airport received a total of 13,569 noise complaints, with... (more) published 2022-04-22 22:58:33

AND FINALLY: In a jiffy

What does 'in a jiffy' mean?Asked by BTN where the name of the hotel software company came from (See HiJiffy comes to... (more) published 2022-04-13 09:58:45

AND FINALLY: Parcel delivery gone wrong *

published 2022-04-10 14:51:57


This is not a rude term uttered in a bad mood. It's a Virgin Voyages sign meaning 'excursions'. Some people thought it... (more) published 2022-04-02 17:30:21


It's a funny old world. Yesterday Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady docked for the day at Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. The... (more) published 2022-03-27 17:57:26

AND FINALLY: BA and American Gin

Following last week's revelation that American Airlines is promoting Heathrow, British Airways has reciprocated in its own... (more) published 2022-03-16 15:12:55

AND FINALLY: Petrol prices

Diesel or Petrol? published 2022-03-12 21:38:13


A zoom problem. BTN has learnt that a lawyer has been severely reprimanded for drinking Coca Cola out of a can whilst... (more) published 2022-03-06 22:57:12

AND FINALLY: Well done Heathrow

The Editor-in-Chief had a ‘senior moment' at Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 5 last Monday and in a rush to catch British Airways to... (more) published 2022-02-25 16:21:28

AND FINALLY: Duxford arrival

The former Queen's Flight BAe 146 ZE701 has arrived at Duxford (Goodbye 146 in last week's BTN). For those who... (more) published 2022-02-15 22:00:22


published 2022-02-08 07:44:54


It's a dog's life at sea.Well not really if you are a canine on Queen Mary 2.Cunard, famous for the way it looks after pets,... (more) published 2022-02-06 19:20:25

AND FINALLY: Cruise ship pirated *

Following the collapse of Crystal Cruises (See BTN 22 January), the well-named 6-star luxury cruise liner Crystal Symphony... (more) published 2022-01-30 07:42:15

AND FINALLY: Win a holiday

Gatwick Airport has come up with a fantastic prize. In conjunction with Eastern Airways, soon to be twice daily to Newquay,... (more) published 2022-01-18 10:16:05


With BTN highlighting the World Cup this is one we could not resist. A man takes his seat at the World Cup final. He looks... (more) published 2022-01-16 16:17:13

AND FINALLY: Betting on a safe landing

Royal Jordanian (RJ) and Tamatem Inc, a Jordanian-based leading mobile games' publisher in the region, have sealed a contract to... (more) published 2022-01-05 23:26:50


Hoping 2022 will lead to more distance socialising as opposed to social distancing. All the best. Malcolm Ginsberg and the Team. published 2022-01-02 13:44:09


The Editor-in-Chief sends his best cheer for 2022 and trusts it will be happy and healthy. See also the December road... (more) published 2021-12-11 09:54:43

AND FINALLY: Isles of Scilly - Another route

In September 2019, 58-year-old Cornishman Mark Richards became the first man to swim from Land's End to the Isles of Scilly. The... (more) published 2021-12-01 11:07:57

AND FINALLY: Dotty airline

As a prelude to the end of year quiz BTN publishes this airline tail fin.Please send your answers to OUR READERS FINEST WORDS... (more) published 2021-11-25 14:35:39

AND FINALLY: You can’t go into the cockpit these days *

For many of us our first introduction to aviation was an invitation to visit the cockpit during a flight. Sadly this is not possible any... (more) published 2021-11-17 09:48:56

AND FINALLY: Doors to manual *

In an era of acronyms (WFH=working from home) and novel business names this one has come up.‘Doors to Manual' is affilated to... (more) published 2021-11-12 01:09:58

AND FINALLY: Virgin drinks

A new interpretation of 'getting canned'. See also Virgin Menu in this week's BTN. published 2021-11-06 22:09:29

AND FINALLY: Luton Airport late night concert *

Television star and Classic FM presenter Alexander Armstrong has put on a special airside concert for night-shift workers at Luton... (more) published 2021-10-24 16:56:31

AND FINALLY: Pigs don't fly

Amsterdam Airport in recruitment drive.Yes it is true. The Government-owned Amsterdam Airport has recruited 20 pigs as part of a... (more) published 2021-10-17 13:01:10

AND FINALLY: Border controls *

BTN paraphrases Willie Walsh at the IATA AGM and Conference."I am the one person who is supposed to know the... (more) published 2021-10-09 11:34:46

AND FINALLY: Noah was first

This is the BTN "Cruise" edition. published 2021-10-03 10:40:21

AND FINALLY: Familiar profile? No real change in nearly 100 years

This is the (replica) 1931 Schneider Trophy winning Supermarine SB6 powered by Rolls-Royce, the forerunner of great things. Will... (more) published 2021-09-22 08:47:56

AND FINALLY: Gatwick freebie *

To celebrate Air Transat returning to Gatwick with a three-times weekly service to Toronto last week they have given two return tickets... (more) published 2021-09-18 10:08:14


Parking problem solved. TWO SOLUTIONS published 2021-09-11 09:02:15

AND FINALLY: No MAX departures

Boeing problem.At a press conference last week Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary confirmed that since the arrival of the... (more) published 2021-08-31 17:53:40

AND FINALLY: It's not an illusion.

The Circus floor does become a swimming pool. And dates from 1903 too! See also ON TOUR in this week's BTN. published 2021-08-27 20:55:02

AND FINALLY: Passenger record *

Exaggerated numbers carried by USAF Boeing C17 aircraft in the Kabul evacuation last week has meant some research by BTN on the... (more) published 2021-08-22 12:39:47


On sale in the Scarlet Lady shop. Also see ON TOUR: Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady published 2021-08-15 13:40:09

AND FINALLY: Not an old photograph

This is a very recent image of Eridge Station, East Sussex, shared by Spa Valley, the preserved railway whose steam trains operate to and... (more) published 2021-08-05 22:43:43

AND FINALLY: All at sea

BTN's Editor-in-Chief and his wife joined Fred Olsen's Borealis for its maiden voyage out of Liverpool. Masks... (more) published 2021-08-01 09:35:15

AND FINALLY: Brexit all at sea!

Passengers be warned!If you are taking a cruise out of Southampton, check the ship's time when you get up on the first... (more) published 2021-07-24 22:31:21

AND FINALLY: An old joke but not used by BTN previously.

And since we are hopefully all now back flying it might be pertinent. We don't know who to credit. published 2021-07-16 10:06:06


Just about everybody watched England v Denmark. published 2021-07-10 17:39:35


This being the monthly cruise issue.Scotland's (travel industry) loss and England's gain.Hebridean Island Cruises, the small... (more) published 2021-07-01 11:09:52

AND FINALLY: Scottish failure

Read as you like, but we prefer the above headline to be seen as the way the devolved Government has dealt with the travel trade. published 2021-06-24 17:18:54

AND FINALLY: Wales and Euro 2020

A reader was confused with the shirt colour of the Welsh football team v Turkey.Wales normally play in red, but in that match they lost... (more) published 2021-06-20 21:21:41

AND FINALLY: A proper Stag affair!

The 50th anniversary of the Triumph Stag will take place at Silverstone Sunday 1 August for the famous annual Classic event.As the... (more) published 2021-06-11 14:09:22

(a real) AND FINALLY

Michael Bartlett, "The mad monk", the Guinness World Record Holder for flying around the world on scheduled flights, has finally... (more) published 2021-06-04 17:22:14

AND FINALLY: Dominic Cummings – Have you read this?

Outside England's Bristol Zoo there is a parking lot for 150 cars and eight buses. For 25 years, its parking fees were managed by a... (more) published 2021-05-29 22:39:50

AND FINALLY EXTRA: Not a deserted High Street

published 2021-05-23 10:26:10

AND FINALLY: Supersonic jet failure

Mini Concorde flops.Just months after announcing that is had commenced work on its new state-of-the-art Florida campus would-be... (more) published 2021-05-23 09:39:00

AND FINALLY: Will Michael O’Leary attend?

Not exactly best known for its client relationship Ryanair has launched what it calls its "Customer Advisory... (more) published 2021-05-16 09:26:17

AND FINALLY: The UK’s busiest air routes April 2021

With thanks to OAG.The fact that air travel is going through its toughest time ever, with airlines and airports operating a fraction of... (more) published 2021-05-06 15:24:28

AND FINALLY: Scotland rewarded with jet.

Having qualified UEFA EURO 2020, the Scotland National Team will be using a jet, albeit a Brazilian one, for their air travels in the... (more) published 2021-05-01 21:21:19

AND FINALLY: Was it repaired?

This Freddie Laker conceived Aviation Traders' Carvair lost its brakes landing at Collingstown Airport (now Dublin International)... (more) published 2021-04-25 16:08:14

AND FINALLY is Qatar Airways Akbar Al Baker

Asked by The Sunday Times John Arlidge if British Airways would come back as "The World's Favourite... (more) published 2021-04-18 18:06:12

AND FINALLY: Wet motoring week joke!

My wife came home yesterday and said..."Honey, the car won't start, but I know what the problem is." I asked her what it... (more) published 2021-04-11 13:52:54


Two travel quotes from Robert Louis Stevenson."For my part I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel's... (more) published 2021-04-03 14:56:11


Difficulties with Europe? We've problems of our own with the Dutchy of Normandy.As things stand you can fly from Guernsey to... (more) published 2021-03-27 08:48:03


Michael O'Leary has arrived.In your living room! published 2021-03-26 17:03:50

AND FINALLY: Brooklands on TV

A brand new UKTV Original Series dedicated to Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey, is due to hit screens at 20:00 on Tuesday 30 March... (more) published 2021-03-21 20:15:51

AND FINALLY: Flying Cars

BTN is pleased to report on the latest flying car project as they begin to become legal with European Union Aviation Safety Agency... (more) published 2021-03-11 09:53:14


In case you have forgotten!Here is a new Air France safety video.5½ minutes of pure delight. Very... (more) published 2021-03-04 16:33:55

AND FINALLY: Flying cars EASA approved

BTN has run a number of stories in recent times on flying car projects, but not one that is European Union Aviation Safety Agency... (more) published 2021-02-25 23:55:26


Back home!Business Travel News is pleased to report that the Consolidated Catalina "Miss Pick-Up" featured in last... (more) published 2021-02-17 17:17:12

AND FINALLY: The Real Elise - Part 2.

Please also see BTN 'AND FINALLY' 8 February. LOTUS UPDATE In the last issue of BTN we ran a story All... (more) published 2021-02-11 22:00:54

AND FINALLY: The real Elise

Please see ALL CHANGE AT LOTUS published 2021-02-01 12:13:47


Fly the Tube Not the London one.Just months after the first passenger test (BTN 16 November 2020) Virgin Hyperloop has... (more) published 2021-01-30 23:51:01

AND FINALLY: Petition to Government

BTN's editorial assistant Sharon Ross has three young children at home due to the schools being closed.She has put... (more) published 2021-01-23 22:25:07

AND FINALLY: BOAC 747 suitcases auctioned

To mark the retirement of its 747 fleet, British Airways and luxury travel brand Globe-Trotter have teamed up to create a... (more) published 2021-01-17 00:16:54

AND FINALLY: Travelodge's Annual Lost and Found Inventory

Budget hotel brand, Travelodge, has revealed some of the interesting items left behind in its 563 hotels during the last 12 months.... (more) published 2021-01-04 08:08:35

AND FINALLY: A Covid joke

From an anonymous reader. A Covid joke. So I purchased a world map and then gave my wife a dart and said: "Throw this and... (more) published 2021-01-03 15:03:41

AND FINALLY: The best of the year

Never in a million years would I have thought of going into a bank with a mask on to request money. But I did! Stay safe and... (more) published 2020-12-24 22:09:57

AND FINALLY: Last flight for BOAC

Last Friday (11 December) saw the final departure of a British Airways Boeing 747. Painted in traditional BOAC (British Overseas Airways... (more) published 2020-12-12 20:34:55

AND FINALLY: Some Christmas present suggestions

Assuming you, or whoever you are giving a gift to is a British Airways (BA) fan, the national carrier is making available a whole... (more) published 2020-12-06 14:16:32


Today is a special day. Monday 30 November The Scots celebrate St Andrew. published 2020-11-28 11:37:12

AND FINALLY: We could not resist.

The Brain Corporation may have come up with a sanitiser solution but the BBC invented a robot cleaner first.This Dalek was supposed to... (more) published 2020-11-19 20:52:13

AND FINALLY: Only the Irish

You can buy an air ticket out of Dublin for as little as €9.99That does not mean you have to fly.With Ireland on... (more) published 2020-11-15 12:03:33

AND FINALLY: The flying car

This is the motoring edition of BTN.The Editor-in-Chief once had a PPL, and does most of the BTN road tests, but is... (more) published 2020-11-05 22:45:32

AND FINALLY: The BTN year end puzzlement

Just a short introduction to the 2020 Christmas Quiz. This aircraft was once flown by a Duke. Which Duke and what is the type of... (more) published 2020-10-29 20:44:26


A virtual social evening.Known for its initiative in attracting high profile speakers to London's Institute of Directors (in the... (more) published 2020-10-22 23:46:15

AND FINALLY: Will it make it?

Seen recently leaving Stansted for Auckland is Sir Ben Ainslie's INEOS Britannia Challenger for the America's Cup. It... (more) published 2020-10-17 21:39:31

AND FINALLY: British Airways and BTN has 747 seats for sale

Only £999 in Club World to Miami, Dallas and Cape Town. No more than seven hundred and forty seven customers at the bargain price. But... (more) published 2020-10-09 13:39:31

AND FINALLY: Why not fly?

Westminster's daft antics!At least Dominic Cummings used his own private car to travel between London and Durham (the only plus... (more) published 2020-10-03 10:34:04

AND FINALLY: Boys will be boys.

Please go to ON TOUR: Salon Privé in this week's BTN. published 2020-09-25 10:42:00

AND FINALLY: Passwords

"Sir, I know you are having trouble typing in your password. "Please can we try again. "Your password is capital A as in... (more) published 2020-09-20 17:21:18

AND FINALLY: A history of motor racing

Malcolm Ginsberg would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in editing these clips into a short documentary.... (more) published 2020-09-13 11:55:24

AND FINALLY: Luton just confuses

Last week BTN noted that Berlin Schönefeld is dumping its present IATA three-letter code (SXF) for the more sensible BER. It... (more) published 2020-09-06 01:15:11

AND FINALLY “Isolate or rough it! The choice is yours”

Gibraltar Airport is notorious for its missed approaches and landing cancellations due to high winds.EasyJet missed a landing and had... (more) published 2020-08-30 10:07:35

AND FINALLY: Manx prison guests

It is a compulsory 14-day isolation for travellers from the UK to the island unless a key worker. Local news media in the Isle of Man... (more) published 2020-08-20 19:23:58

AND FINALLY: Good news about Dominic Cummings

It seems that the much criticised visit of the Prime Minister's sidekick has brought about a visitors' boom to... (more) published 2020-08-16 11:52:10

AND FINALLY: The end of Flight

Not of aviation! Nothing to do with Covid-19, it was planned some time back, but the final edition of the weekly... (more) published 2020-08-06 14:45:19

AND FINALLY: Phone for your food

‘Let's Eat At Your SeatLet's face it Wetherspoons have been doing it for some time but full marks to London North... (more) published 2020-07-31 01:08:45

A special cruise industry AND FINALLY EXTRA

Where do you think that Virgin Cruises Scarlett Lady is now?Last seen in Miami! Spotted in Genoa.Why?Ready to meet up with Valiant... (more) published 2020-07-30 22:30:10

AND FINALLY: Promoting London for a holiday

LNER chose the London Eye to promote its train services to King's Cross, a short Tube ride away.With the company face mask on of... (more) published 2020-07-25 21:47:23

AND FINALLY: The Boeing 747 was a big leap

Downwards!As part of the 747 certification process at Seattle, BOAC was required to evacuate a full aircraft, including the flight... (more) published 2020-07-16 12:57:47

AND FINALLY: easyJet and the 727

Someone has a black sense of humour. These are very serious matters.Why is 727 the number of pilots planned for redundancy at... (more) published 2020-07-10 13:43:06

AND FINALLY: Contactless food

Can it get any dafter? Over the years Business Travel News has received many an odd press release from so-called PR... (more) published 2020-06-29 18:20:35

AND FINALLY: Government support for British Airways

Desperate moves for desperate times. published 2020-06-27 22:13:03

AND FINALLY: The 'Dirty Tricks' campaign

Virgin Atlantic 'Got the Eye' When British Airways built the London Eye in 2000 (back in the days it was PR concious) Virgin... (more) published 2020-06-18 19:55:16

AND FINALLY: Home alone

Thankfully this is now off. published 2020-06-14 12:19:49

AND FINALLY: Get lost!

published 2020-06-07 11:05:57

AND FINALLY: Cummings and goings

Barnard Castle may have topped the® has reported a bump in searches to Barnard Castle following Dominic... (more) published 2020-05-30 08:56:30

AND FINALLY Jochen Rindt wins at Monaco

It all happened 50 years ago in what many agree was the most dramatic Grand Prix of all time. Sunday 10 May 1970. Underrated, and... (more) published 2020-05-22 11:52:42

AND FINALLY: Undercarriage problem

published 2020-05-13 15:02:39

AND FINALLY: The Forgotten

Bob ‘The Cat' Bevan' is a frequent airline traveller, and probably Britain's best known after dinner speaker with an MBE... (more) published 2020-05-10 08:53:59

AND FINALLY: A cruise ship wins

It would seem that the Venezuelan Navy tried to take on a cruise ship with dire consequences.The 403ft Resolute is a luxury liner which... (more) published 2020-05-01 10:17:32

AND FINALLY: Pull the rip cord

My skydiving instructor would always take the time to answer any of our stupid first-timer questions. One guy asked: "If our chute... (more) published 2020-04-23 23:11:42


BTN would like to remind readers that we are not immune from COVID-19 jokes. The chief proof reader is careful in handling... (more) published 2020-04-19 10:59:03

AND FINALLY: Just seen a news report about the stresses and strains of self isolation.

It said that people are going crazy from being in lockdown!It was strange, actually, because I had just been talking about this with the... (more) published 2020-04-12 19:01:46

AND FINALLY: Lest we forget

In December 1952 a thick fog descended on London. No bus to school. In fact we walked in front to help the driver. The cause. A period... (more) published 2020-04-02 07:37:53

AND FINALLY: A good deed at any time

The editor in chief at 77 can sometimes be absent minded. Following the government guidelines, together with his wife, he took a... (more) published 2020-03-28 12:46:51

AND FINALLY: It had to happen

AND IS STILL CURRENT. ssss The Mousetrap is sadly closed! Mama Mia too! published 2020-03-21 22:04:33


Welcome to Business Travel News in this most difficult of times. We will continue with our usual 20 news stories, but these... (more) published 2020-03-16 09:20:58

AND FINALLY: Trains and planes

Not the world's first international airport, but nearly. A colourful new mural at Thameslink's Cricklewood station has been... (more) published 2020-03-10 21:09:13

AND FINALLY: Berlin Airport

A somewhat premature closing. On 24 November 2008, the final take-off took place at Berlin's... (more) published 2020-03-04 11:25:57

AND FINALLY: Tilting is back on the trains.

Those with long memories may recall British Rail's Advanced Passenger Train (ATP). That was a bit too steep for the government of... (more) published 2020-03-01 16:18:30

AND FINALLY: TfL goes 'back to the future'.

Transport for London last week unveiled west London's first all-electric double-deck bus (as opposed to electric trolley bus)... (more) published 2020-02-22 08:24:20

AND FINALLY: Every cloud…

Proving every cloud does have a silver lining, the recent bad weather has produced some new flying feats, as reported by Aviation... (more) published 2020-02-16 11:46:13

AND FINALLY: Brooklands welcomes Atlantic heroes

An historic statue of aviation pioneers John Alcock and Arthur Brown, who made the first non-stop transatlantic flight in June 1919, is... (more) published 2020-02-07 18:00:49

AND FINALLY: We got a buzz out of this story

Pilot opens cockpit window. An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing B737-760 from Djibouti to Dire Dawa was on final approach when it flew... (more) published 2020-02-02 11:00:39

AND FINALLY: Another Boeing invention

Boeing is known for its innovations, but its use of the Queen's English is not one of its strengths. It has invented the word... (more) published 2020-01-21 20:26:42

AND FINALLY: Nothing new in aviation

As if to prove there is nothing new in the aviation business, echoes of Qantas' Project Sunrise could be heard last Tuesday, 14... (more) published 2020-01-17 12:33:35

AND FINALLY: Fur flies in the Channel Islands

It could give other airlines paws for thought the introduction of pet travel on Jersey and Southampton services by Aurigny has been a huge... (more) published 2020-01-11 10:50:40

AND FINALLY: Where’s the best man?

Our industrious friends at Travelodge, whom regular readers will know make a habit at this time of year of compiling lists of their... (more) published 2020-01-05 12:00:58

AND FINALLY: The Dover – Paris water taxi

With more business guests claimed to be staying at its hotels now said to be more than 50% of its customer base Travelodge has a whole new... (more) published 2019-12-15 00:24:45

AND FINALLY: Au revoir Virgin Trains

This week, AND FINALLY means what it says it is the final farewell to Virgin Trains, which handed over the West Coast intercity route to... (more) published 2019-12-07 17:13:51

AND FINALLY: Westminster confusion

Delegates at the Airport Operators Association (AOA) annual conference last week, and booked with the upmarket budget hotel chain... (more) published 2019-11-30 18:04:30

AND FINALLY: Shut the door

The latest craze with high-rise operators in Israel is for lifts (elevators) that predetermine which floor you get out. Coupled with... (more) published 2019-11-23 11:50:48

AND FINALLY: The world’s best app

BTN does not have the time or resources to evaluate the best app in the world but a straw poll in this office came up with a... (more) published 2019-11-12 18:07:18

AND FINALLY: Nuclear wish list

Just when you think you've heard everything the travel business has to offer, up comes something else. A survey run by the... (more) published 2019-11-10 14:01:47

AND FINALLY: Cruise ship takes a cruise

Seeing is believing. Carnival Vista being transported on the BOKA Vanguard, the largest semi-submersible ship in the world. The cruise... (more) published 2019-11-02 15:34:15


While making absolutely no comment about a certain Rugby World Cup score at the weekend, and despite a certain airline saying farewell to... (more) published 2019-10-25 14:29:27

AND FINALLY: The jumbo testbed

For all those who wondered where old Boeing B747s go to die, BTN has at least part of the answer. Qantas has retired... (more) published 2019-10-19 16:36:12

AND FINALLY: What is public relations?

Having spent many happy hours discussing the subject of public relations, we at BTN feel blessed at last to have received... (more) published 2019-10-10 14:37:35

AND FINALLY: BTN is leaving the EU

If Friday 31 October is the date, Business Travel News will have left the European Union. We will be at sea between... (more) published 2019-10-02 14:47:46

AND FINALLY: Babies on board

Japan Airlines has caused a stir online for its policy of issuing seat maps showing passengers where children under two are likely to be... (more) published 2019-09-29 08:22:35

AND FINALLY: Striking the right chord

Paul Griffiths is clearly well tuned in, and not just to air transport. See ON TOUR and Dubai and mega-airports. He is a... (more) published 2019-09-21 10:32:08

AND FINALLY: Cathay with a fizz

Does anyone else think the latest reshuffle at Cathay Pacific has a touch of ahem froth about it? As reported last week, the... (more) published 2019-09-15 07:24:21

AND FINALLY: False news from Transport for London

Transport for London published a story last week with the headline "Europe's largest electric bus fleet". False news!... (more) published 2019-09-05 22:44:33

AND FINALLY: A Brexit thought.

Where can you go to a French property (owned by the city of Paris), where they will only take sterling and are not affected by Brexit?... (more) published 2019-09-01 12:25:00

AND FINALLY: Joke of the year

The Edinburgh Fringe offers annually a non-existent prize for the funniest joke at the festival. BTN did not agree with the... (more) published 2019-08-19 16:50:17

AND FINALLY: Snooze at the Sheraton

If like many travellers you have trouble sleeping in a strange bed, consider a stay at the Sheraton Grand in London's Park Lane. ... (more) published 2019-08-17 10:37:11

AND FINALLY: The lure of the royals

Whatever your reason for travelling, checking out the local royal connections is probably somewhere on the list. Celebrity Cruises... (more) published 2019-08-10 06:48:49

AND FINALLY: Airline safety video

Air New Zealand has just introduced a new safety video. It's too long at 4min, but at least shorter than BA's tedious and very... (more) published 2019-08-01 10:13:25

AND FINALLY: Hot weather problem

An ice cream van has crashed outside our offices. The whole area is now coned off! published 2019-07-25 19:30:36

AND FINALLY EXTRA: Wings over Fairford

You knew it was coming (BTN 17 June), and it came. "It" was the Red Arrows and a British Airways Boeing B747,... (more) published 2019-07-20 15:43:58

AND FINALLY: It’s not cricket

BTN wishes to make an apology. Due to events at Lord's late on the afternoon of Sunday 14 July, a time normally... (more) published 2019-07-20 11:46:15

AND FINALLY: The upside-down pilot

TUI Airways passengers who notice coloured smoke streaming past the windows needn't be worried; it probably means first officer Mike... (more) published 2019-07-13 16:22:53

AND FINALLY: A second runway for London City Airport

We are being very serious! Others may not agree. New on the scene Ocean Aircraft says that it is posssible for its proposed... (more) published 2019-07-02 10:50:51

AND FINALLY: Taking to drink

Arrival in the UK at the weekend of the "Saharan bubble" heatwave caused BTN to wonder how that standby of the travel... (more) published 2019-06-29 13:02:19

AND FINALLY: The Red Chair

This one did not make last Friday's BBC1 Graham Norton show. But we think it worth telling. One suspects that Mr Norton, and his... (more) published 2019-06-18 10:49:53

AND FINALLY: The hazards of travel

A film buff as well as travel fanatic, BTN editor Richard Cawthorne was delighted to have a chance on his latest Florida trip to... (more) published 2019-06-14 16:48:06

AND FINALLY: Care for husbands

It's a women's world.At least in South Africa. published 2019-06-07 16:14:40


What do the Mary Rose and the Boeing B737 have in common? Both were old designs, much modified, and eventually found out.The Mary... (more) published 2019-05-30 09:03:24

AND FINALLY: Everyone gets stuck in the traffic

A much respected little old lady on her way back from Sainsbury's last Wednesday had a problem. HM The Queen in Trafalgar Square... (more) published 2019-05-20 17:31:25

AND FINALLY: United’s worldwide web

First it was the Lego Batman, courtesy of Turkish Airlines (BTN 6 August 2018). Now another superhero is swinging into... (more) published 2019-05-18 15:52:08

AND FINALLY: Life’s a beach at Heathrow Hilton

Facilities at airport hotels have taken a new turn with the latest attraction at the Hilton London Heathrow at Terminal 4. In the... (more) published 2019-05-12 07:49:51

AND FINALLY: All aboard for the Death Star

As The Sun put it on Saturday: "Passengers at Heathrow were baffled this morning when they got to the airport and saw that... (more) published 2019-05-05 12:30:10

AND FINALLY: British Airways sets new record

BA has set a new record for the length of a safety video, at 6min. It is probably the most expensive of its ilk of all time.British... (more) published 2019-04-28 11:22:35

AND FINALLY: United's weighty problem

United Airlines has announced it will be the first US carrier to offer non-binary gender options throughout all booking channels in addition... (more) published 2019-04-20 12:15:35

AND FINALLY: Not in the dungeons!

Would you like to be billeted on floor level minus-2 at a truly luxurious 5-star hotel? BTN thinks not.When The Yeatman,... (more) published 2019-04-13 23:23:56

AND FINALLY: Chain reaction

Not that BTN is obsessed with spending a penny (or not, in this case), but we are pleased to report toilets at the UK's... (more) published 2019-04-07 11:15:47


Relief at last. Regulars who use the 21min DLR link between Threadneedle Street and London City Airport will be relieved to hear... (more) published 2019-03-31 06:11:53


This is no April Fool's joke. Turboprops are back into Heathrow. Seriously. And if you don't know what a... (more) published 2019-03-28 16:46:58

AND FINALLY: BA swallowed them up

Since it was created on 1 April 1974, British Airways has gobbled up a number of carriers.In an expensive project to celebrate 100 years... (more) published 2019-03-21 17:21:20

AND FINALLY: The name is Po…

Flushed with pride at the success of its so-called "inimitable talking toilets", Virgin Trains, far from being drained of ideas,... (more) published 2019-03-17 14:36:19

AND FINALLY: The French celebrate Concorde

To complement the 2019 Concorde collection, Aero-Design launched a model of its iconic Mach 2 wristband on (naturally) 2 March or, if you... (more) published 2019-03-05 08:09:28

AND FINALLY: Also not forgotten

The Glory Years A book review. For many involved in the current commercial airline scene, the name Sir Freddie Laker means little, but... (more) published 2019-03-03 14:27:23

AND FINALLY: Going round in circles

Sometimes, comment is superfluous. This is from a recent Facebook post: "The Flat Earth Society has members all around the... (more) published 2019-02-22 10:00:10

AND FINALLY: Mother Reilly’s Cardboard Aircraft

The retirement from the Royal Air Force of the Panavia Tornado has reminded the BTN editorial team that when the aircraft was... (more) published 2019-02-13 13:51:00

AND FINALLY: Naked dining

Many and various are the reasons for visiting any given destination but if the thought of eating naked in a restaurant was likely to lure... (more) published 2019-02-10 15:44:27

AND FINALLY: Heavy landing?

If you're bothered by the fairies at the bottom of your garden, spare a thought for the Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam, which is... (more) published 2019-02-02 19:18:54

AND FINALLY: High up in a B747

BOAC was one of the first airlines to order the Boeing 747. In order to certificate the aircraft, in 1970 the CAA sent a team out to... (more) published 2019-01-22 20:32:11

AND FINALLY: Mind your manners

As if travel is not fraught enough, eating-out overseas is a minefield for Brits, according to research for tailor-made holiday specialist... (more) published 2019-01-20 12:06:43

AND FINALLY: Not so Secret Service

Pity the poor US Secret Service. Millions of dollars are invested every year in its primary task of protecting the president by... (more) published 2019-01-12 15:47:59

AND FINALLY: Legion of the lost

Where would you find a blue-eyed cockatoo called Brexit, a replica of Meghan Markle's wedding dress, an amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a... (more) published 2019-01-06 09:15:02

AND FINALLY: 17 December

If you don't know what today is, you probably shouldn't be reading this but we forgive you. On 17 December 1903, Orville... (more) published 2018-12-14 10:52:48

AND FINALLY: A true Brit

American Craig Kreeger, the retiring CEO of Virgin Atlantic, likes the UK so much that he has become a British (not European)... (more) published 2018-12-07 10:30:43

AND FINALLY: Runaway runways

Heathrow, eat your heart out. While wrangling continues over a third runway for the London hub, we have a progress report on Beijing... (more) published 2018-12-02 15:42:42


For those with a little time on their hands we share a link with a "Fear of Flying" course and the comedian Michael Macintyre.... (more) published 2018-11-25 19:03:40

AND FINALLY: Virgin Atlantic

The return of Craig Kreeger airline poet laureate This from the Aviation Club Christmas lunch... (more) published 2018-11-20 20:34:48

AND FINALLY: A bridge too far

When British Airways took delivery of its first Rolls-Royce-powered Boeing B767 in 1990, the plan was to name the aircraft in the fleet... (more) published 2018-11-17 08:28:24

AND FINALLY: Would you charter a corporate jet from this man?

Ryanair has announced that its corporate Boeing B737-700, the Michael O'Leary private jet, is again available for... (more) published 2018-11-10 17:57:34

AND FINALLY EXTRA: Shaggy dog story

London area airports offering specialist excutive aviation facilities were at NBAA in strength including Biggin Hill, TAG Farnborough and... (more) published 2018-11-03 14:48:53

AND FINALLY: Istanbul airport named

The grand opening of Istanbul Airport took place on 29 October, the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. More... (more) published 2018-11-01 10:20:32

AND FINALLY: Name sought for new airport

President Erdoğan of Turkey is today expected to open the new Istanbul airport. But what will it be called? The title of the... (more) published 2018-10-25 15:44:39

AND FINALLY: On-board bling

If you've always wanted a Cerruti bag, here's how just fly Egypt Air Business Class. It will be a very small bag, just big... (more) published 2018-10-21 10:19:31

AND FINALLY: What’s in a name?

In addition to hosting a suitably lavish gathering at the British Museum a few weeks ago (BTN 1 October), Korean Air had a fresh take on... (more) published 2018-10-14 17:06:27

AND FINALLY: Well done Paphos!

Airport vigilance has proved its worth at Paphos after a thief who stole an €1,800 watch from the tray of the passenger in front of... (more) published 2018-10-05 16:41:32

AND FINALLY: Music in the air

Delayed easyJet passengers at Geneva Airport last weekend were given the chance to escape the usual frustrations thanks to the power of... (more) published 2018-09-28 15:20:01

AND FINALLY: You've never had it so good!

Tired of identical modern airports filled with steel and glass and clean, white spaces? Russia has heaps of wooden airports still in... (more) published 2018-09-17 07:53:07

AND FINALLY: Railway on time

Maggie Simpson, executive director of the Rail Freight Group, was nearing the end of her presentation at the UK Rail Industry Forum last... (more) published 2018-09-16 15:53:53

AND FINALLY: Queen for a day

If you don't happen to be a Queen fan, you probably didn't know Freddie Mercury worked as a Heathrow baggage handler before he... (more) published 2018-09-08 20:43:28

AND FINALLY: Man overboard

Cruise issue special No protests please from feminists! There are two answers to anyone who complains about this term used at sea.... (more) published 2018-09-01 08:49:50

AND FINALLY: Royal wings

In case you missed the headline, here it is: Used jet for sale. One previous royal owner. The Qatar royal family's private jet,... (more) published 2018-08-26 03:36:58

AND FINALLY: 100 years in concert

The Royal Air Force's finest musicians are giving audiences across the country their last opportunity to celebrate the centenary of the... (more) published 2018-08-17 10:18:10

AND FINALLY: Salute to the Queens

Sometimes, a picture just begs to be used. Friday evening saw Cunard's three regal monarchs, Queen Mary 2, Queen... (more) published 2018-08-12 08:32:00

AND FINALLY: A model of a video

Inflight safety videos have been growing in sophistication for a while, but Turkish Airlines has started something with its latest... (more) published 2018-08-04 13:27:27


Forfar 5 Yes, Eric Morecambe's immortal words have come to life.The score last week was East Fife 4 Forfar 5... (more) published 2018-07-27 22:46:54

AND FINALLY: Airborne luxury

Airbus A380, eat your heart out. You may be able to offer First Class passengers showers but the world's largest aircraft is planning... (more) published 2018-07-21 16:03:30

AND FINALLY: Plain sailing

Our recent AND FINALLY accounts of passenger reactions to women pilots (BTN 2 July) and the man whose wedding clashed with the World Cup (BTN... (more) published 2018-07-15 08:45:28

AND FINALLY: Achieving the impossible

A new deal on inflight catering has allowed Air New Zealand to announce it has achieved the impossible. The linkup is with food... (more) published 2018-07-08 17:14:40

AND FINALLY: Colombia v England

A friend of BTN has two tickets in a corporate box for the next England game tomorrow. He paid £400 each including flights,... (more) published 2018-06-29 21:19:01

AND FINALLY: Woman pilots, Part II

Following our tale of the Lotus female flier (BTN 11 June), we turn to the story of a woman pilot's response to two male passengers after... (more) published 2018-06-23 11:25:14

AND FINALLY: World Cup comes to Qatar

One might say it is four years too early but the FIFA World Cup has come to Hamad International Airport (DOH) in a big way.If you are... (more) published 2018-06-14 07:32:30

AND FINALLY: Lady pilots

It happened a long time ago. Lotus Cars chartered a Britten Norman Islander to take a small press group from Elstree Aerodrome in... (more) published 2018-06-10 09:36:27

AND FINALLY: How not to park a Porsche

While Sydney revels in world attention from the aviation industry this week with the arrival of the IATA AGM, at least one hotel employee... (more) published 2018-06-03 04:39:19

AND FINALLY: Newspaper headline

Airport makes a terminal decision. Is it about to close or have a rebuild?Think about it. And as an extra. Have you opted-in as... (more) published 2018-05-27 16:42:18


It matters not that LNER disappeared on 31 December 1947 under nationalisation. The acronym has always been around, at least for the... (more) published 2018-05-18 18:18:37

AND FINALLY: Do not deface your boarding card

A romantic gesture at Zurich Airport backfired after a passenger's heartfelt efforts resulted in drama at the check-in desk and a hefty... (more) published 2018-05-13 09:52:38

AND FINALLY: Heathrow’s food for thought

Delegates at last week's Multimodal cargo conference in Birmingham were given a novel insight into Britain's trade with overseas... (more) published 2018-05-05 15:37:23

AND FINALLY: A giggle at Google

A reader sent us the following, saying he was still laughing an hour after seeing it. Fair enough. But just remember, many a true word is... (more) published 2018-04-28 08:35:58

AND FINALLY: Dublin's daughter

A lot of things happen at airports but staff at one have just had a special reason to remember it with the return of one of their... (more) published 2018-04-21 12:40:10

AND FINALLY: Dying for a job

Live news the San Francisco Dungeon tourist attraction is holding open auditions for 'bodies' to replace its long-time inhouse... (more) published 2018-04-14 18:21:40

AND FINALLY: Terminal velocity

Should you ever fancy owning an airport terminal of your very own, here's your chance… After half a century of service,... (more) published 2018-04-08 14:56:06

AND FINALLY: Infants aloft

On the basis that today's babies are tomorrow's full-fare-paying passengers, it is a sensible airline that gets its... (more) published 2018-04-01 09:47:29

AND FINALLY: Initial reaction

With Qantas' new London Perth nonstop much in the news, aviation guru Simon Calder has a story to tell. He reminds us that a... (more) published 2018-03-24 15:30:57

AND FINALLY: Humour on high

In an avalanche of publicity for which most airlines would pay a fortune, video of a Southwest Airlines safety announcement by cabin... (more) published 2018-03-18 08:16:37

AND FINALLY: Qantas-speak

Qantas has advised staff that using words such as mum, dad, husband and wife might offend passengers. Words like love, honey and... (more) published 2018-03-11 10:31:20

AND FINALLY: Alexander who?

In a goodwill gesture toward neighbouring Greece, Macedonia has renamed its main airport, which bore the name of the ancient warrior... (more) published 2018-03-03 16:41:45

AND FINALLY: Munich's new adviser

Meet Josie Pepper. She is a shade under 4ft (120cm), with sparkling, round eyes and a pleasant voice, but she is not what she seems.... (more) published 2018-02-24 16:34:23

AND FINALLY: Was the captain 'politically correct'?

On an Australian domestic night flight the captain came up with the following. "Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached... (more) published 2018-02-18 10:52:12

AND FINALLY: Is Michael running scared?

For many journalists one of the highlights of any week is the calling of a press conference by Ryanair's controversial Michael... (more) published 2018-02-09 11:02:23

AND FINALLY MOTORING SPECIAL: What is the UK's favourite new car colour?

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has come up with some figures.Black is back as the colour of choice for the... (more) published 2018-02-05 14:55:56

AND FINALLY: Sunbed space. You must be joking.

And you think you have a deck space problem Please also see. Ocean Liners: Speed & Style RMS Queen Elizabeth US bound with... (more) published 2018-02-02 15:20:18

AND FINALLY: Airport parking problem

Somebody has not paid his parking fees. Business Travel News would like to learn whose aircraft this is and the airport... (more) published 2018-01-28 19:37:39

AND FINALLY: Paddington Bear

All reviews and gossip indicates that the new Paddington Bear film is not just for children and is adult friendly. And to back it up... (more) published 2018-01-21 12:27:34

AND FINALLY: Get me to the loo on time!

Another problem for British Airways.With the old system of Euro Traveller cabin service on a single aisle aircraft took place pretty... (more) published 2018-01-13 18:47:39

AND FINALLY: False news

Luton Town fans off to see the FA Cup Match against Newcastle United last Saturday were thrown into a panic when the BBC local news North... (more) published 2018-01-07 19:47:24

AND FINALLY: Flying bartenders

Just in time for the festive season, Virgin Atlantic has enlisted some of London's top bartenders to mix drinks for passengers on... (more) published 2017-12-16 13:45:21

AND FINALLY: Ugly Sweater Day

As daft promotions go, this might have you in stitches, but we are definitely not pulling the wool over your eyes. The Alaska Airlines... (more) published 2017-12-09 16:34:20

AND FINALLY: Well done Boston

When travelling one meets all sorts. The good, the bad and the indifferent. BTN would like to heap great praise on a Moroccan... (more) published 2017-12-03 16:45:34

AND FINALLY: About time too

Chancellor Hammond didn't have much to cheer the industry in his Budget but he did win praise from some quarters for injecting some... (more) published 2017-11-26 17:55:58

AND FINALLY: Not lost, merely delayed (and politically correct!)

Business Travel News has been reliably informed that the term 'lost bags' should no longer be used. Items... (more) published 2017-11-18 15:52:22

AND FINALLY: Flying with kids

If travelling with children strikes fear into your heart, take comfort from Emirates. The airline has hired a "psychologist and... (more) published 2017-11-10 14:41:34

AND FINALLY: Loose change disrupts planes

Three coins in the fountain, to recall a famous song, is all very well, but one coin in the engine? Not so much. A flight had to be... (more) published 2017-11-04 18:49:13

AND FINALLY: Gym won’t fix it

News that Europe's first airport terminal gym has opened at Tallin prompts BTN to ask whether airports really need such... (more) published 2017-10-27 16:28:47

AND FINALLY: Mail & Guardian

A rather strange coming together. This is the name of a national daily newspaper in South Africa. There is of course a common goal.... (more) published 2017-10-20 16:16:10

AND FINALLY: Jealousy and envy

My Christian faith suggests that I ought not to suffer from the sins of jealousy, covetousness and envy. To read that you are to be... (more) published 2017-10-10 21:48:54

AND FINALLY: Hypersonic KLM?

Does someone know something we don't know? Surfing the internet as we at BTN occasionally have time to do, we came across the... (more) published 2017-10-07 14:04:59


Forget Ryanair it's 40 years since Skytrain first took off. Last week, mute celebrations were held to celebrate four decades since... (more) published 2017-10-01 08:12:11

AND FINALLY: Twinjet twins

Twin brothers born within 30min of one another who went on to become British Airways pilots celebrated their 60th birthdays and retired on... (more) published 2017-09-30 14:54:27

AND FINALLY: Home truths

From the letters page of The Irish Times (more or less) Regarding Ryanair Sir, The latest move by Ryanair should come as no... (more) published 2017-09-24 16:48:06

AND FINALLY: A Newspaper headline

"Airport makes a terminal decision".Is it closing or about to have a rebuild.Think about it published 2017-09-17 19:53:18

AND FINALLY: Still being built

What is the world's longest running production passenger aircraft? News in this issue that Pilatus is to stop production... (more) published 2017-09-10 12:58:35


The spirit of British Caledonian Airways reigned supreme again, Laurie Price writes, when a full house at the Capitol Theatre... (more) published 2017-09-02 11:40:09

AND FINALLY: Eclipse this!

Virgin Atlantic is claiming to have given London Miami passengers the best view of last week's long-awaited total solar eclipse with its... (more) published 2017-08-26 21:04:44

AND FINALLY: About Loganair

Loganair will fly the flag for Scotland from next week, adding a new chapter to its history. Here are a few things you may not have known... (more) published 2017-08-19 15:56:18

AND FINALLY: Yvonne's farewell

Just in case you thought female commercial airline pilots were a new phenomenon, Yvonne Kershaw, the first British woman to captain a jumbo... (more) published 2017-08-12 10:27:33

AND FINALLY: All in a day’s work

A Ukrainian pilot applauded as a hero last week after he landed a damaged Airbus A320-200 although barely able to see the runway through... (more) published 2017-08-06 13:13:15

AND FINALLY: The name is Nikolai

Crew working Lufthansa flight LH543 from Bogota Frankfurt faced an extra task on Wednesday when a baby was born on board 39,000ft above... (more) published 2017-07-28 17:13:10

AND FINALLY: Taking flight

Budding pilots and aviation fans can try their hand at flying a Boeing B737-800 after the company Flight Experience London (FEL) officially... (more) published 2017-07-23 12:37:53

AND FINALLY: Bargains at Brooklands

Known for cars and aeroplanes, Brooklands Museum puts on a new face next Sunday, 23 July, when goods ranging from traditional autojumble... (more) published 2017-07-15 13:28:21

AND FINALLY: Heathrow's tipple

If you're one of those passengers who occasionally feel driven to drink, help is at hand. Heathrow has created its own gin. It's... (more) published 2017-07-08 06:40:07

AND FINALLY: Amy's birthday

The old world of aviation of long ago met the new world of social media on Saturday when Google saw fit to mark the 114th anniversary of... (more) published 2017-07-01 12:42:05


This is a proper AND FINALLY as it depicts the final last arrival of one of Britain's most unique 'airliners'. published 2017-06-22 10:04:19

AND FINALLY: DC3's US swansong

The last of the Douglas DC-3s to fly regularly over the US disappeared from the skies on Tuesday when the Catalina Flying Boats air freight... (more) published 2017-06-17 09:04:54

AND FINALLY: This isn’t your captain speaking

In news which might not gladden the heart of anyone with a fear of flying, Boeing says it is planning to develop commercial aircraft that... (more) published 2017-06-11 13:41:58

AND FINALLY: Remembering McQueen

Aviation fans are almost by definition lovers of speed too, and so are racing drivers, professional and amateur. Among the latter, the... (more) published 2017-06-03 17:15:07

AND FINALLY: Crisis? What crisis?

This photograph was possibly taken on Saturday morning of the British Airways Crisis Management Centre. Where was the Director of... (more) published 2017-05-28 05:10:01

AND FINALLY: Elvis lives

If you like aeroplanes, are a music fan and have a dollar or two to spare, you might care to log-on to the website of Beverly Hills... (more) published 2017-05-21 14:20:15

AND FINALLY: Guinness is good for you

Airline enthusiast Brother Michael Bartlett, known in civil aviation circles as the Mad Monk and the Guinness World Records aviation... (more) published 2017-05-12 19:04:14

AND FINALLY: Terminal bliss

Airports are rapidly becoming more than just places where you catch a flight. We know (rich) people who do their Christmas shopping at... (more) published 2017-05-07 07:41:55

AND FINALLY: Celebrating with CTT

Swedish company CTT Systems held its annual gathering last week to mark another year of business, with sales and marketing vice-president... (more) published 2017-04-29 13:16:14

AND FINALLY: Kicking the bucket

Travel is a key component of people's bucket lists and they are willing to spend up to £10,000 on average on their ambitions,... (more) published 2017-04-23 08:09:45

AND FINALLY: Magic in the air

With onboard behaviour somewhat in the news, BTN is happy to hear of Turkish Airlines' response to the age-old problem of persuading... (more) published 2017-04-15 19:28:52

AND FINALLY: Delta’s pizza party

With America's mega-carriers under regular attack from the US media, Delta Air Lines on Friday turned the tables with its response... (more) published 2017-04-09 10:14:12

AND FINALLY: Ink-credible

In our annual salute to inventive thinking, BTN hails Virgin Trains, which on Saturday launched an innovative new contactless ticket... (more) published 2017-04-01 17:00:40

AND FINALLY: Is the future electric after all?

In the spirit of nothing being impossible, BTN brings you news that a US-based start-up airline is planning to launch... (more) published 2017-03-25 17:58:33

AND FINALLY: Once a king …

As mere mortals contemplate ever more restrictive baggage rules imposed by our friendly neighbourhood airlines, spare a thought for... (more) published 2017-03-18 17:06:57

AND FINALLY: Airbus says: 'Jam today, Pop.Up tomorrow'

Not content with making aeroplanes, Airbus has unveiled a new concept that it says could put an end to the inconvenience of traffic... (more) published 2017-03-11 19:06:09

AND FINALLY: Baths v Showers

We have a result. BTN readers voted 15.4% baths and 84.6% showers. So come on, you hoteliers. When building new or refurbishing,... (more) published 2017-03-04 07:56:43

AND FINALLY: Drink up at 35,000ft

It isn't a secret that cabin pressure and altitude affects passengers' taste buds, but when it comes to beer it is clearly... (more) published 2017-02-26 16:04:29

AND FINALLY: Virgin train-ing

Please forgive the pun. Doncaster Rovers, just about top of the Fourth Division (Football League 2 for younger readers), has secured... (more) published 2017-02-18 21:17:42

AND FINALLY: Airports join the health craze

Do you fancy a work-out while waiting for your flight? Increasing numbers of airline passengers do, as witness special facilities that... (more) published 2017-02-12 15:43:25

AND FINALLY: The Qantas view on safety

Airlines are waking up to the fact inflight safety videos are not attracting the attention they should from their passengers. Expect a... (more) published 2017-02-05 15:15:44

AND FINALLY: BCAL will fly again

The sound of the bagpipes at Biggin Hill Airport has heralded a revival of the renowned "Caledonian Girls" of British... (more) published 2017-01-27 14:22:02

AND FINALLY: Imperial v Metric – What after Brexit?

Miles v Kilometres Pounds v kilogrammes Half a pound of tupenny riceHalf a pound of treacleThat's the way the money... (more) published 2017-01-22 10:06:26

AND FINALLY: Fly to keep fit

Following last week's revelation of the amount of exercise airport staff are faced with in pursuit of their jobs (Airports and keeping... (more) published 2017-01-15 18:09:00

AND FINALLY: Airports and keeping fit

If you're serious about those New Year resolutions to keep fit and lose pounds (or kilos), work for an airport and start lifting the... (more) published 2017-01-08 11:11:07

AND FINALLY: Starship enterprise

Since it's Christmas, we're happy to report this week's feel-good story, courtesy of Air New Zealand. The carrier's... (more) published 2016-12-17 10:27:28

AND FINALLY: Quiz preview

The Christmas Quiz 2016 This is just a preview. Our tame reseacher, Rod Simpson, has been through his files to come up... (more) published 2016-12-06 20:42:02

AND FINALLY: The secret of happiness

The statistics-mongers have been at it again, this time on the subject of travel, but their findings are more than usually interesting.... (more) published 2016-12-04 17:08:24

AND FINALLY: High spirits

Whether it's to calm nerves or ensure passengers have an extra good time is not specified, but British Airways is introducing its own... (more) published 2016-11-26 12:13:52

AND FINALLY: Back to the future

As Star Trek fans might say, it's an A320, Jim, but not as we know it. It's a RetroJet, courtesy of JetBlue, introduced to... (more) published 2016-11-18 11:24:53

AND FINALLY: ‘Our House’ by Madness

As noted at The Guild of Travel Writers' annual dinner. It dates from 1982.Not to be confused with AARHUSS. European Capital of... (more) published 2016-11-12 10:17:35


You fathom it out.P&O's Adonia is now operating under a new brand. It makes a change from floating around under a different... (more) published 2016-10-31 11:35:58

AND FINALLY: Friend of Boris?

At last week's Travel Media awards at the ME hotel in London's West End, TV rail guru and former political high-flyer... (more) published 2016-10-28 10:26:33

AND FINALLY: Flying tots

The scamper of tiny carry-ons is becoming more prevalent, it seems. New data released from Heathrow shows a sharp rise in numbers of... (more) published 2016-10-22 17:51:58

AND FINALLY: MH up for the Kop (or Klopp)

What have Malaysia Airlines (MH) and Liverpool Football Club in common?On the face of it, nothing. MH does not even fly to Liverpool.... (more) published 2016-10-16 09:46:48

AND FINALLY: Currency confusion

As if we needed reminding how little we understand our European neighbours, a study commissioned by Airport Parking and Hotels (APH)... (more) published 2016-10-08 18:46:15


Never work with children or animals they say.The editor-in-chief has been reminded of the time when, in the build-up to London City... (more) published 2016-09-28 16:47:45

AND FINALLY: Coming shortly

This car was not on offer to drive at the SMMT southern test day last week which will be featured in the 10 October issue. Seen at... (more) published 2016-09-23 11:35:44

AND FINALLY: Missing items

It's not a brain test, but guess what a microwave, a roll of carpet, a fishing rod, a bottle of holy water, several sets of... (more) published 2016-09-16 07:54:01

AND FINALLY: Cheeky flybe

Advertising may sometimes be a bit of a bummer but we're rather taken by flybe's latest effort on behalf of its "cheeky... (more) published 2016-09-11 17:24:01

AND FINALLY: AK47 – not a flight number

In a classic case of (ahem) shooting yourself in the foot, Kalashnikov assault rifles have gone on sale to foreign visitors at Moscow's... (more) published 2016-09-03 09:41:46

AND FINALLY: A sting in the tale

Melissophobic guests at Edinburgh's iconic Rocco Forte hotel, the Balmoral, might want to rethink their next reservation. The property... (more) published 2016-08-28 16:27:07


For O'Leary read Trump "Good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes... (more) published 2016-08-17 20:59:10

AND FINALLY: Stansted at the gallop

How do horses get to the Rio Olympic Games? By air of course! The first group of Olympic equine athletes, 34 in total and worth many... (more) published 2016-08-12 08:41:03

AND FINALLY: Hilton & Marriott

The editor has used his prerogative to note that Danny Hylton (with his correct spelling) and Jack Marriott both scored for Luton... (more) published 2016-08-05 17:37:03

AND FINALLY: Les Misérables

Victor Hugo wrote his famous masterpiece while a political refugee in Guernsey.Clearly a very fit man. He lived in the impressive... (more) published 2016-07-25 09:46:47

AND FINALLY: Adventure at the airport

Airports may be a challenge but now Heathrow admits it's an adventure too. A new Mr Men character, Mr Adventure, has been... (more) published 2016-07-24 06:17:01

AND FINALLY: May & Hammond

There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Jeremy Clarkson has been recruited as Secretary of State for Transport. If that were... (more) published 2016-07-14 16:13:36

AND FINALLY: Flying high

Jamaica is thinking of installing kiosks in its airports to sell marijuana ganja in local parlance to visitors as soon as they step off... (more) published 2016-07-09 17:21:55

AND FINALLY: It’s a dog’s life

Ever ready to give credit where due, BTN salutes Vancouver International Airport. It has become the first in Canada to... (more) published 2016-07-03 16:50:39

AND FINALLY: Heathrow fatality

See COMMENT published 2016-06-25 14:29:57

PS – Yes Minister

30 years old and still up to date. published 2016-06-19 17:45:53

AND FINALLY: Light aviation

You might just have missed Father's Day, but it's not too late to buy your dad the ideal gift, courtesy of e-Go aeroplanes. The... (more) published 2016-06-18 16:28:22

AND FINALLY: Marilyn arrives at Expo

# published 2016-06-10 16:23:48

AND FINALLY: Russia at the Euros

Seen departing Venice for Dublin after crew training is the first Sukhoi SS100 for CityJet. On Wednesday (8 June), the aircraft goes... (more) published 2016-06-04 15:12:05

AND FINALLY: Brexit flower power

The editor-in-chief took his wife to the Chelsea Flower Show last week. They passed the foreign secretary and lady. They were on... (more) published 2016-05-26 19:26:09

AND FINALLY: The Sound of Julie

To commemorate her birthday, actress and vocalist Julie Andrews made a special appearance at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall for the... (more) published 2016-05-21 11:54:05

AND FINALLY: The Christmas Quiz

Not a real funny this week but more a congratulations. Quiz runner-up Simon Grigor took Pippa Cumbers and some friends to The... (more) published 2016-05-13 17:55:21

AND FINALLY: With deference to the two Ronnies

Not four 'andles 4 new routes and a thank-you to Heathrow (Two Ronnies - Four Candles) published 2016-05-03 23:08:59


We never worked this one out. Concorde on the Donkin Trail, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. published 2016-05-01 11:59:13

AND FINALLY: Whisky galore

If you need an excuse to go to Heathrow other than to catch a flight, the airport on Wednesday (27 April) embarks on its month-long annual... (more) published 2016-04-24 07:45:25

AND FINALLY: Sexual equality comes to sea.

BTN's editor-in-chief reports from Cunard's Queen Victoria. Rumours are strong aboard this fine ship that the... (more) published 2016-04-12 11:30:39

AND FINALLY: Language skills

Always keen to encourage its readers to brush up on their language skills, BTN today presents an extract from the excited press... (more) published 2016-04-10 05:46:31

AND FINALLY: Cruising the final frontier

All Fools' Day may be past (shame), but this being BTN's Cruising issue and editor-in-chief Malcolm Ginsberg at sea on... (more) published 2016-04-03 10:02:37

AND FINALLY: Sleep with Lenny Henry (Sir Lenny Henry)

Well, go to sleep with Sir Lenny!This is Premier Inn's latest idea to prove it offers the nation's best nightcap.It's a new... (more) published 2016-03-24 09:44:10

AND FINALLY: Minister grounded?

The international development secretary and west London MP Justine Greening could be grounded after her comments regarding a... (more) published 2016-03-14 08:52:10

AND FINALLY: Ryanair’s new jet

Seeing is believing. This is Ryanair's corporate Boeing 737-700 available for charter:No luggage restrictions.No check-in... (more) published 2016-03-09 16:20:10

AND FINALLY: Road opening

The opening of the Great Northern Way (see in this issue) reminds the editor in chief of an incident in East Africa.When visiting the... (more) published 2016-03-02 21:23:25

AND FINALLY: The joke is on Boris

In this week's email version of BTN's Most Read League the winner is the The Boris Riddle. This Boris is the one who wants... (more) published 2016-02-28 09:20:32

AND FINALLY: The Boris riddle

It seems that Boris Johnson is in the BREXIT camp.How very odd for a Mayor of London keen on promoting (at the ratepayers'... (more) published 2016-02-21 09:17:12

AND FINALLY: Bureaucracy gone mad

We are not sure if this sign is there for Health and Safety or Freedom of Information. published 2016-02-12 13:52:15

AND FINALLY: Flight attendant lands aircraft

The headline might be a little misleading and perhaps it should have said "flight attendant forces aircraft to land". It... (more) published 2016-02-04 17:44:57

AND FINALLY: BTN's best safety video of 2016

But there is eleven months to go.And with a certain football match coming up it might make some Arsenal fans even more... (more) published 2016-01-30 11:56:05


British Airways, not noted for a frequency of press releases, issued one last week on the 40th anniversary of Concorde's maiden... (more) published 2016-01-20 16:29:09

AND FINALLY: Confusing airline

We have to be careful and not mention it as Irish but in undertaking our research for a Carlisle (we think) based airline it... (more) published 2016-01-17 13:24:23

AND FINALLY: Airport is flushed with success

Manchester Airport has won a Platinum Award for its Changing Places facilities at the Loo of the Year Awards in the 2015 search to... (more) published 2016-01-07 18:10:03


Following a nationwide search asking school children to submit a suitable Christmas design, Virgin Trains has unveiled its two special... (more) published 2015-12-18 13:40:25

AND FINALLY: Is Gatwick about to celebrate?

Or are they about to commiserate! The airport is ready. ##### published 2015-12-11 14:37:20

AND FINALLY: Upgrade for an elderly lady

As this is a cruise issue we could not pass by the story of an elderly lady who always booked an inside cabin (not on Crystal we might hasten... (more) published 2015-12-06 12:11:18

AND FINALLY: 2015 and all that!

An ITN 'Special' for the AOA conference dinner. But it is not too serious This could be called the Darren Caplan show... (more) published 2015-11-25 15:36:05

AND FINALLY: Caffeine rules

In case you think airport statistics can't be fun, London City (LCY) found a neat spin to highlight its latest figures. And it's... (more) published 2015-11-21 13:28:09

AND FINALLY: easyJet - there was a safety check

BTN prefers flying with doors easyJet TV ad celebrating 20 years published 2015-11-11 11:57:24

AND FINALLY: Nice to see you, to see you – Nice!

Passengers travelling on Norwegian's first flight to San Juan got a "Brucie bonus" as the legendary TV host and his... (more) published 2015-11-05 13:01:13

AND FINALLY: Britain's Polar Express

Could this be Britain's answer to the Polar Express? The popular Tom Hanks film about a train journey to see Father Christmas... (more) published 2015-10-27 19:25:10

AND FINALLY: Chinese visitor

Toastmaster Richard Birtchnell's opening words at the Aviation Club during the Chinese President's visit to the UK last... (more) published 2015-10-19 09:25:43

AND FINALLY: Tops for tea

It's a familiar cry that you can't get a decent cup of tea when ‘abroad' but it won't wash any more in Budapest,... (more) published 2015-10-17 16:21:57

AND FINALLY: Kids and driving

If you've had cause to curse the driver in front, spare a thought for the children who tend to inhabit the rear seats of our... (more) published 2015-10-05 20:17:02

AND FINALLY: Airport extras

As if you needed reminding, a new list of unusual airport amenities shows how things have changed in air travel.Once you went to an... (more) published 2015-10-04 17:02:04

AND FINALLY: Angela Merkel needs advice

A question to Peter Davies, sometime airline boss and also management consultant, at the Aviation Club last week. "What would you say... (more) published 2015-09-24 22:38:57

AND FINALLY: Airport artwork

Is this idea going to catch on? Frankfurt Airport (FRA) has unveiled a new eye-catching graffiti artwork created by celebrated... (more) published 2015-09-20 04:45:04

AND FINALLY: An airport at Kings Cross

When planes were small and buildings expected to be large, putting an airport right in the centre of a city was seen as a very sensible... (more) published 2015-09-12 18:18:30


Cruise issue special. Beware icebergs.Americans are known to be cautious when it comes to these dangers to seafarers. They remember... (more) published 2015-09-05 15:51:58

AND FINALLY: Airline check-in

And you thought Heathrow T1 was bad! This is the domestic terminal at Yangon. Please see ON TOUR in this issue. published 2015-08-28 23:07:13

AND FINALLY: Dodgy Derek is back

He has returned and is annoying rail passengers. Dodgy Derek, the cartoon character created to highlight the anti-social behaviour of... (more) published 2015-08-23 15:57:24

AND FINALLY: The end for the 737!

Some lesser known facts about the small Boeing. The BA news (see in this issue) is about a 'plane that has been around since the... (more) published 2015-08-14 13:07:47

AND FINALLY: Son of Concorde

There has been some coverage in the media last week regarding what has been termed "Son of Concorde"Memories are short.The... (more) published 2015-08-09 18:51:51

AND FINALLY: Giovanni’s Restaurant

It is not in Venice but recommended by RCCL's Vision of the Seas Casino Manager.An American couple searched the City of Water for... (more) published 2015-07-31 20:02:45

AND FINALLY: Clear off – Do not disturb

A popular high quality boutique hotel group has in the last month or so been purchased by a Singapore-based property company.The moto of... (more) published 2015-07-26 20:00:05

AND FINALLY: Patrick McLaughlin emailed John Holland-Kaye

"Great news let's build it," said the email to Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye, and read out at Runways UK by the said... (more) published 2015-07-16 11:02:14

AND FINALLY: Bunker attack

George Osborne announced in the middle of his budget speech that the government had found one million pounds to refurbish the bunker room... (more) published 2015-07-09 08:31:48


Paint job. This would have been required. See Ryanair ditched by Hertz in this issue. published 2015-07-05 09:52:59


Cameron's project dies. In 2009 the then Opposition leader David Cameron, together with a man called Nick Clegg, planted a tree... (more) published 2015-06-28 07:42:39

AND FINALLY: Where was the airport security?

An Italian couple ran out onto the tarmac of Malta Airport to stop a Ryanair jet from leaving for Italy without them, a Maltese court... (more) published 2015-06-18 15:13:22

AND FINALLY: It’s not over until the fat lady sings

Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye and Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate go head-to-head on Sky's Ian King Live. The next few weeks should... (more) published 2015-06-13 20:35:44

AND FINALLY: At the check-in (or security point)

"Thank you sir/or madam.""I am very sorry but our security check shows you are opposed to airport expansion.Under the... (more) published 2015-06-07 08:10:15

AND FINALLY: Somewhat confused in Liverpool

"A pizza please" requested an American lady just off the QM2 for the day during the "Three Queens" Liverpool... (more) published 2015-05-30 21:37:17

AND FINALLY: Flight protest

An airline passenger stripped naked at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport last week after apparently becoming upset that... (more) published 2015-05-22 12:08:17

AND FINALLY: For football fans mainly

Nobody expected Swindon Town to make the League One Play-off Final on Sunday 24 May. Well certainly no one at Network Rail.There are no... (more) published 2015-05-12 16:09:12

AND FINALLY: Charge up – A health and safety warning is required!

Business Travel News would like to start a campaign for power points (USB connections too) at all hotel reception desks,... (more) published 2015-05-09 11:48:23

AND FINALLY: "Linked In" to the afterlife

Sadly one of our subscribers passed away and naturally his name was removed from our mailings.We also informed "LinkedIn" to... (more) published 2015-05-03 09:02:43

AND FINALLY: What day of the week is it?

We have all woken in the morning and wondered just what day of the week is it.This is particularly so in cruise ships, when the bars... (more) published 2015-04-24 16:23:10

AND FINALLY: The easyJet way can be dangerous

Readers should note that easyJet's latest app should carry a public health warning. Looking at handheld's whilst... (more) published 2015-04-17 09:41:15

AND FINALLY: Musical Luton

The Poles love their music. Poland is Chopin. With major building works about to start Luton Airport is all out to keep its users happy... (more) published 2015-04-09 07:56:31

AND FINALLY: Virgin’s bad news followed by the good news

There are always two sides to every story.Last week Virgin Atlantic's inaugural flight to Atlanta Georgia was cancelled due... (more) published 2015-03-31 06:49:34

AND FINALLY – Fast track with a difference

National Express the UK's nationwide coach service always likes to go that bit further to ensure customers get the service they... (more) published 2015-03-19 09:50:24

AND FINALLY: Jeremy Clarkson

It would appear that Jeremy Clarkson has (nearly) departed the BBC. Some say it was inevitable! published 2015-03-11 07:20:33

AND FINALLY: It’s UK election time

Aviation Minister Robert Goodwill could not resist a dig at the Scottish Nationalist Party last week at the Airport Operators... (more) published 2015-03-05 10:17:32

AND FINALLY: Smart terminal

Andy Garner, Business Development Director at Heathrow Airport, had not been briefed properly for the Air Transport World (ATW)... (more) published 2015-03-01 10:11:33

AND FINALLY: Jerusalem parking

published 2015-02-21 14:58:37

AND FINALLY: Bargains at United Airlines. Danes fly cheap.

United Airlines has cancelled the reservations of customers who took advantage of a pricing glitch to save thousands of pounds on... (more) published 2015-02-15 20:44:33

AND FINALLY: Flybe drops a brick

A LEGO brick in truthA Flybe plane has been brought to life in LEGO bricks at Southampton Airport. Bright Bricks, the UK-based... (more) published 2015-02-08 18:17:22

AND FINALLY: Pilot ‘thumps’ engineer – Goodness gracious me!

An investigation is taking place after an incident aboard an Air India flight in which the captain "thumped" a ground engineer... (more) published 2015-01-26 16:31:26

AND FINALLY: Quirky America

The United States has its fair share of unusual and quirky events and festivals taking place throughout the year. Make a trip to America in... (more) published 2015-01-24 15:18:12


From a subscriber. "Dear Malcolm,The second Monday of 2015 has passed and still no 'btnews' - what have I... (more) published 2015-01-16 20:50:48

AND FINALLY: The Xmas Quiz

Was it that hard? would like to thank those whose notes caused us to smile. Here are a few of the many... (more) published 2015-01-11 08:36:21

AND FINALLY: Korean nuts

A South Korean court has ordered former Korean Air executive Heather Cho to be detained for delaying a flight following an outburst over... (more) published 2015-01-02 10:07:33

AND FINALLY – A Christmas song courtesy Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport has really entered into the spirit of Christmas with the lovely song composed and sung by Abigail Caveney... (more) published 2014-12-09 10:47:13

AND FINALLY: Supermarket sale

Troubled UK supermarket leader Tesco is selling its four business jets. As its advertising strapline says."Every little... (more) published 2014-12-03 19:58:36


Naked aggression.A Boston man faces charges as he allegedly stripped naked, climbed into the ceiling of a woman's bathroom,... (more) published 2014-11-29 21:57:25

AND FINALLY: Armchair Economy

Qantas has been innovative for the last 80 years. It is the world's second oldest airline.But how to unveil its new Economy... (more) published 2014-11-20 20:34:40

AND FINALLY: Willie Walsh and Ryanair

IAG boss Willie Walsh was in fine form at AOA, but when asked his views on the remodelled Ryanair he had this to say."Michael... (more) published 2014-11-15 10:27:03

AND FINALLY: The perils of travel

Our intrepid correspondent was on her way to Orlando. (see ON TOUR NBAA)No Micky Mouse aircraft jokes please!She finds her place on... (more) published 2014-11-07 09:31:35

AND FINALLY: A maiden voyage

We know this is the cruising issue but the AND FINALLY is not what you think!Promoting ladies travel published 2014-10-27 09:53:42

AND FINALLY: The London Airport

This short You Tube film should be required viewing at the forthcoming AOA (Airport Operators Association) gathering. Plenty on it for pro-... (more) published 2014-10-20 14:07:02

AND FINALLY: Crazy air hostess

Okay, so BTN is jealous of the passengers on this Southwest Airlines flight. When they were getting ready for takeoff, they definitely... (more) published 2014-10-16 20:05:44

AND FINALLY: non-liquid water

We were recently sent the attached Twitter-ism, which made us chuckle. Technically she's right! Woman in front of me at airport... (more) published 2014-10-10 10:42:47

AND FINALLY: I nearly walked past

Last week ANTOR (The Association of National Tourist Offices) held its annual "meet the media" event on HMS President, the... (more) published 2014-10-01 12:10:21

AND FINALLY: Dodgy guides

Some guides are brilliant, others just machines, repeating what they have been told to say.BTN came across one such mechanical guide the... (more) published 2014-09-28 16:16:36

AND FINALLY: Hungary v Romania

It had to happen.A European soccer final. Atletico Madrid v BilbaoIn BucharestThe Spanish fans thought the Hungarian city... (more) published 2014-09-21 11:28:37

AND FINALLY: Pure entertainment

With an air travel interest of course. Well worth the while relaxing and taking in!... (more) published 2014-09-12 17:39:38

AND FINALLY: Dalek - Something to exterminate!

A new bellhop has reported for duty at Aloft Hotel, Cupertino, CA and promises to change the face of customer facing hospitality. The... (more) published 2014-09-04 18:08:14

AND FINALLY: Rule Britannia

This publication supports the Scotland No campaign even if it means putting up with the Scottish soccer results on National TV on a... (more) published 2014-08-26 11:06:33

AND FINALLY: Avro to the end

published 2014-08-24 12:17:55

AND FINALLY: Mystery taxi

Yes it is real (and BTN has seen it). Created by London artist Benedict Radcliffe, ‘London Taxi' has been unveiled in the... (more) published 2014-08-13 10:11:17

AND FINALLY: Not just for the children

Don't get too excited yet, and it is not really a serious reason to use Air New Zealand when travelling from Europe to that... (more) published 2014-08-08 09:10:53

AND FINALLY: Cruising distraction

There is an elderly woman on a cruise ship standing to the front of the ship close to the railing, she is holding on to her hat with both... (more) published 2014-08-03 10:35:21

AND FINALLY: Watch this!

Airlines can now offer their ultra tech-savvy passengers the chance to board their flight with a mere flick of their wrist and scan... (more) published 2014-07-24 13:20:00

AND FINALLY: Tips for the traveller

An occasional series. Having checked in on-line when arriving at Heathrow T5 do not be put off by the large queues for the so-called... (more) published 2014-07-14 17:20:34

AND FINALLY: Don’t bother to check the fuselage numbers.

We assume that these three Boeing 737s are a write-off after coming adrift from a train transporter into the Clark Fork River at... (more) published 2014-07-07 07:37:12

AND FINALLY: Your call chief

Since this is a cruise issue the following recently took place in the St Lawrence Seaway. US Navy: Please divert your course 15 degrees... (more) published 2014-07-06 17:07:21

AND FINALLY: “Austrian Rock”

For some time Airbus has been engaged in programmes to limit fuel burn. Possible solutions include alternative ways to position... (more) published 2014-06-24 23:57:37


Rather like Parker pens. Very much better on paper. published 2014-06-19 19:54:46

AND FINALLY: Husky travel

This is the real thing and not the latest edition of Mr World. Forget the airport bus, grab a husky sledge to your hotel. Cruise... (more) published 2014-06-14 17:58:20

AND FINALLY: Dangerous children

Kids love to draw and child psychologists even say that it is good for their development. However, there is a time and place for... (more) published 2014-06-03 16:58:49

AND FINALLY: Dodgy timetable

Crane your neck The Edinburgh tram timetable as seen on the website published 2014-05-28 09:21:35

AND FINALLY: It could only happen in Ireland

Last weekend Germanwings introduced weekly flights between Knock and Cologne.This event reminded us of a true story of the airport now... (more) published 2014-05-24 10:40:18

AND FINALLY: A simulating tale

British Airways has powered up its newest flight simulator, taking the number used by the airline to train its pilots to 18 the highest ever.... (more) published 2014-05-16 17:10:21

AND FINALLY: New Airbus unveiled

The airlines are not queuing up to order but this new Airbus, which has made its maiden flight, is creating great interest. The... (more) published 2014-05-11 09:58:17

AND FINALLY: World Cup Fever

If you really fancy flying to Brazil for the matches you need to book your ticket now, but it may be too late. Yes, it is possible to... (more) published 2014-05-03 13:41:16

published 2014-03-10 00:00:00

AND FINALLY: It is a monthly cruising update

Amongst the ‘going away presents' at the recent P&O Britannia unveiling at Fish Island opposite Stratford's Olympic... (more) published 2014-03-03 21:08:51

AND FINALLY: Taking a cab home

A friend got a little boozy at a party. He was a responsible soul.He took a cab home. Sure enough on the way back there was a police road... (more) published 2014-01-25 07:47:29

AND FINALLY: Heavyweight contest

The referee is Simon Calder of The Independent with, on his right Colin Matthews of Heathrow, and on his left Stewart Wingate of... (more) published 2014-01-18 13:32:49

AND FINALLY: Forget the resolutions

Just a thought now that we are into January.Many people look forward to the New Year so they can have a new start on their old... (more) published 2014-01-12 10:17:01

AND FINALLY: In memory – Airlines we lost in 2013

With many thanks to the Cranky Flier and Cranky Concierge whose words we have hardly altered. (more) published 2013-12-31 11:04:33

AND FINALLY: inflight safety video with a difference

Buckle up to get down! Virgin America has enlisted the help of musical directors and choreographers as well as lyricist Todrick Hall to give... (more) published 2013-12-12 17:41:38

AND FINALLY: Delivery by drone?

The boffins at Amazon claim to have been working on a new delivery system designed to get packages into customers' hands in 30... (more) published 2013-12-06 11:48:04

AND FINALLY: A dim view of Terminal 5

Who is in charge of Heathrow's Terminal 5? British Airways? To the uninitiated they run the building but in fact it is operated by the... (more) published 2013-11-29 20:39:35

AND FINALLY: Airbus for Seattle

What is the future for whoever placed this advertisement? The place mentioned is Washington State, USA, which hosts Boeing at... (more) published 2013-11-22 11:31:35

AND FINALLY: Trouble and strafe for the Dutch

The Royal Netherlands Air Force is investigating how a Lockheed Martin F-16AM pilot accidentally strafed the control tower at the... (more) published 2013-11-14 11:38:29

AND FINALLY: More Berlin airport problems

It seems that not only is the German capital having problems completing its new airport (see BTN 4 November) but the good... (more) published 2013-11-08 20:02:44


Driving in BritainIn Britain we used to drive on the left of the road. Now we drive on what's left of the road.Sad but true. published 2013-11-01 23:30:33


Bad weather problems Did you hear of the man who parked his car in his garage following the last bad weather advice. Sad to say a tree... (more) published 2013-10-27 08:30:10

AND FINALLY: BTN's loo of the year

Gatwick seems to have gained a great deal of attention in BTN this week and we have no intention of taking the P out of the airport,... (more) published 2013-10-20 20:53:18

AND FINALLY: Sleepless in Seattle

Ian Goold (a senior aviation journalist once of Flight International) has come up with the definitive explanation of the... (more) published 2013-10-13 09:31:34

AND FINALLY: A tale of two halves

Keen followers of AND FINALLY may recall that we were unable to find a really suitable story concerning the popular mode of transport in... (more) published 2013-10-04 08:51:22

AND FINALLY: Eating in the Fifties

(For those who were around at the time) And others who would like to hear about gastronomic history • A Big... (more) published 2013-09-28 16:24:33

AND FINALLY: Getting the paperwork right

Business Travel News has over the last period run a series of AND FINALLY highlighting the problems of getting away for a summer... (more) published 2013-09-22 17:25:31

AND FINALLY: Who owns what?

The following from Flight International STRAIGHT & LEVELWe paraphrase. Did you know that Heathrow Airport is twice... (more) published 2013-09-12 07:34:23

AND FINALLY: Last of the summer wine

Over the last few weeks Business Travel News has focussed on holiday tales with AND FINALLY.This is the last of... (more) published 2013-09-07 23:08:11

AND FINALLY: Heart attack

Heathrow is safest place in London to have a cardiac arrest! That is the subject line of a press release put... (more) published 2013-08-30 23:04:01

AND FINALLY: True flying

The picture says it all but do read on and learn how two young girls have done their bit to support a very worthwhile charity. On 21st... (more) published 2013-08-25 09:44:32

AND FINALLY: More holiday travel problems

Following the recent sad case of going to the wrong airport (See BTN 5 August) we have also heard of a family who missed their... (more) published 2013-08-17 10:38:41

AND FINALLY: Strange photo

It would seem that someone at the UK Department for Transport wanted to be scrupulously fair with the headline picture for the publication... (more) published 2013-08-07 11:30:30

AND FINALLY: Spoilt for choice

A close friend is cursing the low-cost airlines who fly to the same destination from most London airports.The family got organised... (more) published 2013-08-01 08:57:07

AND FINALLY It is a question of language.

We met an elderly American last week in London who had never been to the UK and was very confused with her English English.The elevator she... (more) published 2013-07-24 22:27:32

AND FINALLY It is going to get hotter

The Met Office said Britain reached its highest temperature of 2013 on Wednesday, with 32.2°C (89.9°F) recorded at Hampton, southwest... (more) published 2013-07-21 23:32:34

AND FINALLY: A scooter joke

We thought we would try and find a scooter joke to go with the Saigon ON TOUR but were unable to spot one. However we did come up... (more) published 2013-07-12 21:18:25

AND FINALLY: Motor racing still happens at Brooklands

It may have officially closed due to the outbreak of war in 1939, but racing and other forms of competition still take place on the site of... (more) published 2013-07-05 15:48:06

AND FINALLY: Paris and the paparazzi

Our final comment on the Paris Air Show must highlight Qatar Airways' chief, Akbar al Baker, a keen follower of the British... (more) published 2013-06-30 10:47:59

AND FINALLY: easyJet lands at Newquay

We don't have an image of easyJet making its inaugural landing at Newquay Cornwall after a 45-minute flight from Southend but what we do... (more) published 2013-06-23 14:01:15

AND FINALLY: Lego and transport

London Underground is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and LEGO has marked the occasion by recreating five Tube Maps made... (more) published 2013-06-14 10:21:06

AND FINALLY: Paris in style

If you are going to the Paris Air Show, and have time, here is another take on transport. It is stunning. The RER train on the C line to... (more) published 2013-06-09 15:56:06

AND FINALLY: “Have you been to an airport gym?”

This was the question posed by your Editor to Tom Otley, Editor of Business Traveller, as they walked (the not very far by airport... (more) published 2013-06-02 09:39:39

AND FINALLY: The half truths, and nothing like the truth.

Elsewhere in Business Travel News you will read of Ryanair's profits and the purchase of 175 new Boeing aircraft. In... (more) published 2013-05-26 15:49:21


Flight International has been on the ‘Davies' trail too From a recent... (more) published 2013-05-16 09:04:17

AND FINALLY: No lipstick ban

Contrary to reports in other publications Turkish Airlines' Chief Executive, Temel Kotil, has confirmed that the privatised... (more) published 2013-05-09 22:01:05


Some thoughts after last week's English local elections. "Not everything that counts can be... (more) published 2013-05-03 23:10:21

AND FINALLY: A tail tale

This is the tail plane of the first A380 for Qatar Airways which has been painted with the airline's trademark oryx logo at... (more) published 2013-04-22 14:06:28

AND FINALLY: Airline closes down for two hours

Whoops!It was inevitably bound to happen someday with the reliance in the 21st century on technology but American Airlines... (more) published 2013-04-17 07:51:31


Save by slimming says Samoa Air the airline of the Independent State of Samoa 'Pay only for what you weigh!'... (more) published 2013-04-14 08:48:54

AND FINALLY: April fools joke

Party goers at The Palm for the Emirates Qantas inaugural last Monday (1 April) were amazed to hear that the (soft) opening of New Doha... (more) published 2013-04-02 17:00:42

AND FINALLY: Cockpit spare seat

The latest from America. Booked in coach class a French tourist at Philadelphia Airport noticed that the flight deck door was open,... (more) published 2013-03-30 11:26:11

AND FINALLY: Pearl & Dean

Pearl & Dean, easyJet staff members, entertain at Petrovich jazz cellar Moscow. Husky voices too! published 2013-03-24 11:18:50

AND FINALLY: The name rhymes

MOXY HOTELThis is the name of a new brand being developed by Marriott in conjunction with IKEA.No comment but we might... (more) published 2013-03-12 15:34:40

AND FINALLY: It's Red Nose Day Friday

<!--[if !mso]> <object classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D"... (more) published 2013-03-06 09:20:58

AND FINALLY: Stansted got the Hump!

published 2013-02-25 17:49:35

AND FINALLY: Exceptionally heavy demand

Have you ever come across the telephone message when trying to get through somewhere: "Due to exceptionally heavy demand you are... (more) published 2013-02-23 10:10:20


Rookie pilot to air traffic control. "I am out of fuel".Air traffic to pilot."Reduce speed to best glide... (more) published 2013-02-16 23:40:13

AND FINALLY: Will it catch on?

It seems that Air Asia is to introduce a child free zone. For about £10 passengers are more or less guaranteed no young children... (more) published 2013-02-08 21:50:22

AND FINALLY: Conference travel

Not the Business Travel Show! Three engineers and three accountants were travelling by train to a conference. At the... (more) published 2013-02-03 11:18:33

AND FINALLY: With cruising in mind

On a recent Silversea cruise the Entertainment Director opened his introduction listing some questions by previous clients.... (more) published 2013-01-27 11:21:53

AND FINALLY: Dancing on ice with Boeing And watch to the very end! published 2013-01-20 10:43:05

AND FINALLY: Who died?

Over the holiday period we heard of an accident whereby a plane crash landed in a cemetery.The crew escaped unscathed.The police have had... (more) published 2013-01-13 16:20:56

AND FINALLY: How not to start the New Year

The party was great with numerous guests arriving. A man knocked on the door, was greeted heartily (although no one knew for sure who he... (more) published 2013-01-06 11:52:14


Santa had an accident! published 2012-12-16 11:47:39

AND FINALLY: Thought for the day

Is a terminal facelift the end of the road? Think about it! published 2012-12-09 18:36:12

AND FINALLY: It’s a new one on us

When stopped by a policeman and asked "Do You know you were speeding?" the 83-year-old woman dealt with it the only way she... (more) published 2012-12-02 11:01:14

AND FINALLY: Ryanair – Caught in spam

Since nothing comes for free with Ryanair (and readers will know our views on the airline) the following press release headline, which... (more) published 2012-11-25 12:34:48

AND FINALLY: Seriously safety

Well done Air New Zealand. A really fine safety video. And our thanks to a former... (more) published 2012-11-16 23:11:55

AND FINALLY: It happened in America

A JetBlue Airways pilot, whose 'midair meltdown' on a flight forced the aircraft to make an emergency landing in Texas, has been... (more) published 2012-11-11 09:12:36

AND FINALLY: Tina Turner rejected

It seems that the pigeons and crows at Gloucester Cheltenham Airport are not that keen on singing star Tina Turner. In a bid to keep the... (more) published 2012-11-02 17:51:48

AND FINALLY: The Olympic spirit

Yes the Olympic spirit is still with us. Your Editor visited the lovely Hackney Empire last week for a recording of the BBC Radio 2... (more) published 2012-10-26 19:52:07

AND FINALLY: The Boeing Dreamliner

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker at the Aviation Club last week. "I have been given the keys of our first new Boeing 787"... (more) published 2012-10-19 07:00:26


Two trucks loaded with a thousand copies of Roget's Thesaurus collided as they left a Heathrow warehouse on Saturday night.... (more) published 2012-10-13 18:26:32

AND FINALLY: Motoring problem

A policeman stops a motorist for speeding in a small English town. "But officer", he begins, "I can explain". The... (more) published 2012-10-06 10:58:42

AND FINALLY: Perfectly adjusted

Munich Airport celebrated the inaugural Munich flight of UK-based carrier Monarch Airlines with a (sort of) royal reception. Ably... (more) published 2012-09-24 11:33:30

AND FINALLY: Eating out

During a recent restaurant meal a fellow diner was agitated when a waiter brought him his coffee but had forgotten the spoon."This... (more) published 2012-09-22 15:15:45

AND FINALLY: Flowers for the wife

At last week's Aviation Club lunch Keith Williams, CEO of British Airways, introduced himself by noting that people are confused about... (more) published 2012-09-14 20:57:28

AND FINALLY: 26 living transport ministers

Terry Wogan likes to talk about the present Mrs Wogan. No real problems. They have celebrated 50 years. We've mentioned before... (more) published 2012-09-05 08:10:54

AND FINALLY: Irish Business Traveller

An airline promotion. Mix the French and Irish and you get some strange humour published 2012-08-31 23:37:08

AND FINALLY: Continuing (for the last time) with the old age theme.

Your Editor recently passed through an airport where the safety measures are particularly thorough and the staff profile the... (more) published 2012-08-26 13:08:07


Senior citizens are the nation's leading carriers of AidsHearing aids Band aids Roll aidsWalking aids Medical aids... (more) published 2012-08-14 14:14:38

AND FINALLY: Norwegian’s drink

A Norwegian tourist has been caught on X-ray sleeping on a moving baggage belt at Rome's Fiumicino airport.The unnamed 36 year-old... (more) published 2012-08-11 11:30:25

AND FINALLY: Olympic joke

Among the cascade of humour during the London 2012 we liked the one best by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson taking the Olympic Torch in... (more) published 2012-08-05 08:56:58

AND FINALLY: Solo flight

Do we treat the case of Liam Corcoran-Fort (aged 11), from Wythenshawe, Manchester, as a joke for AND FINALLY, or a serious... (more) published 2012-07-28 18:46:47

AND FINALLY: “The Open” has just been won

It was a sunny Saturday morning, and Murray was beginning his pre-shot routine, visualizing his upcoming shot when a voice came over the... (more) published 2012-07-20 22:49:20

AND FINALLY: Hotel reception

I checked in at an hotel that was new to me last week."Excuse me." I enquired. "When is the spa and health club open, I... (more) published 2012-07-15 18:23:30

AND FINALLY: The political rules of aviation

In his speech to the Aviation Club last week Vueling CEO, Alex Cruz, offered this wonderful quote about air travel by Nick Calio, President... (more) published 2012-07-07 12:14:49


With the Olympics coming up and London's buses the subject of debate we thought we might publish these words from a fine man of... (more) published 2012-06-30 20:53:04

AND FINALLY: The joke is on OAG

"What's the use of you having a timetable if your silly aeroplanes never stick to the schedule", said the traveller to a... (more) published 2012-06-23 18:52:45


A clean ‘mother-in-law' joke From our friends at IFALPA. One could argue this is not a travel joke but does... (more) published 2012-06-16 08:42:05

AND FINALLY: More complaints about BT

But not us!From a reader."I value the style and content of BT News but was a tad alarmed to note the latest newsletter slipped into... (more) published 2012-06-09 09:56:52

AND FINALLY: The new BT News!

Or if you prefer the wrong BT."Hi there take me off your mailing list now!I made it clear that I want nothing from you except... (more) published 2012-06-02 14:22:53

AND FINALLY: Travel notices

We thought we would start off the new era with Business Travel News in a humorous mood. Travel is not always funny.The following notices have... (more) published 2012-05-25 20:45:26

AND FINALLY: Life before the computer

* Memory was something that you lost with age* An application was for employment* A programme you purchased at the theatre* A cursor used... (more) published 2012-05-19 14:01:17

AND FINALLY: Britons love to queue

Forget all this business about the problems at what was Immigration and is now called Border Control. In truth the British love to queue.... (more) published 2012-05-12 13:02:27

AND FINALLY: The wrong kind!

Just in case you have not heard the border control delays at UK airports which were, according to Immigration Minister Damian Green,... (more) published 2012-05-05 11:53:53

AND FINALLY: Dine off a tablet

The latest ‘in' way to select your repast in Hong Kong is the use of a tablet computer.Upon arrival at The Peninsular... (more) published 2012-04-29 15:12:06

AND FINALLY: Twin-engined planes

A reporter phones up AERBT (sex not disclosed)."I've been told you are one of the most helpful persons around," starts the... (more) published 2012-04-20 17:37:14

AND FINALLY: Job available

"Do you believe in life after death?" the boss asked one of his employees."Yes Sir," the new recruit replied."Well,... (more) published 2012-04-14 20:35:31

AND FINALLY: A fun video

Time for a smile and a laugh. With the recent announcement by airlines of their new charges for checked luggage on flights to various... (more) published 2012-04-08 11:21:25

AND FINALLY: A real black eye

This is not a travel joke but since it was supplied by our friends at IFALPA (International Federation of Air Line Pilots Association)... (more) published 2012-04-01 11:46:17

AND FINALLY: A Travel joke

An Englishman, a Scotsman, an Irishman, a Welshman, a Latvian, a Turk, a German, an Indian, several Americans (including a southerner, a New... (more) published 2012-03-23 20:12:35

AND FINALLY: The last word on noise (perhaps)

Following the AND FINALLY regarding Concorde, Vernon Murphy, now retired but at one time the senior man at various BAA enterprises,... (more) published 2012-03-14 21:23:55

AND FINALLY: Southend, Southend, Southend

You've got to give UK Transport Minister Justine Greening her due. The lady really entered into the spirit of the evening. Guest of... (more) published 2012-03-05 09:33:40

AND FINALLY: Concorde was very quiet

Following last week's COMMENT column "Noise Let's get a balanced view" one is reminded of a story going the rounds about... (more) published 2012-03-03 10:14:27

AND FINALLY: Brits make packing a weighty issue

New research from British Airways shows we are a nation of heavy weights. Nine out of 10 holiday-makers do not use up to 30% of the... (more) published 2012-02-25 17:33:04

AND FINALLY: Night Caledonian

From "annoyed of Edgware" "I have to be off at Perth," I said to the attendant. "I sleep very well on... (more) published 2012-02-18 18:18:38

AND FINALLY: Introducing Carolyn McCall at the Aviation Club

We're hoping you've all found a seatAnd pondering what food to eatOur onboard selection includes red meatIf only it were on the... (more) published 2012-02-10 14:37:26

AND FINALLY: Tough economic times

Sign in a restaurant window: "Eat now Pay waiter." published 2012-02-04 21:11:24

AND FINALLY: Ruby Walsh don't get worried

Radio controlled camels If you live in the wider world you may have missed it, but in Qatar the local 'health and... (more) published 2012-01-27 19:54:15

AND FINALLY: A reader and driving

The following has been sent in unsigned. I would like to share with you all an experience that I recently had regarding... (more) published 2012-01-18 08:48:15

AND FINALLY: Poor shot

Following the tragic death of the Human Cannonball at the Circus, a spokesman said "We'll struggle to get another man of the same... (more) published 2012-01-09 10:07:33

AND FINALLY: Christmas leftover

One evening over the holiday period a police officer stopped my car at a routine ‘advisory' point. "Good day to you sir,"... (more) published 2012-01-02 22:27:50

INDEX plus AND FINALLY: For plane spotters!

ARCHIVE OF ISSUES - ROAD TESTS CRUISE SHIP ON TOUR and ON THE SOAPBOX (for 2010 index follow the link) ROAD TESTSAlfa Romeo... (more) published 2011-12-12 00:11:06

AND FINALLY: What is Generation Y?

Your Editor, a man full of vigour but rapidly approaching a somewhat significant birthday, was confronted recently by a contributor's... (more) published 2011-12-10 13:55:14

AND FINALLY: Fire alarm

Seen on a sign outside a maximum security prison in Dannemora, New York. "The Dannemora Fire Department reminds you it's fire... (more) published 2011-12-04 09:36:18

AND FINALLY: The good old environmentally friendly days

Checking out at the local superstore the young cashier suggested to the elderly lady that she should bring her own grocery bags because... (more) published 2011-11-24 08:08:09

AND FINALLY: Where does it all go?

After having a hefty meal at the restaurant on the top of the World's Tallest Building in Dubai… you excuse yourself from... (more) published 2011-11-20 21:09:45

AND FINALLY: Fast exit for cabin crew

The London Evening Standard (which we like, and not just as it praises AERBT as does The Daily Telegraph) has reported on... (more) published 2011-11-12 19:57:54

AND FINALLY: Hold it in!

We never gained a response to the question whether it is true that Ryanair are taking out a loo, but travellers with a delicate bladder... (more) published 2011-10-30 09:16:22

AND FINALLY: Was it worth the effort?

This from a friend who is a regular traveller and had spent some time in the Duty Free at Changi Singapore. "I bought my wife a... (more) published 2011-10-23 20:35:27

AND FINALLY: From a reader

"Having read your item "Ryanair Cash Passport" I looked at the Ryanair website. I noticed that it now has clickable small... (more) published 2011-10-15 11:06:17

AND FINALLY - A motoring week means a motoring story

As the officer makes out the second ticket for the illegal radar detector unit, the man glowers at his wife and says through clenched... (more) published 2011-10-09 13:57:07

AND FINALLY: Politicians

Following last week's AERBT COMMENT regarding where the UK is going in terms of air transport, a reader gave cause for reflection.... (more) published 2011-09-30 10:21:23

AND FINALLY: A sort of motoring joke – from IFALPA

A grizzled old man was eating in a truck stop when three Hell's Angels bikers walked in. The first walked up to the old man and pushed... (more) published 2011-09-25 17:32:13

AND FINALLY: Only at London City

During a recent early morning ‘rush hour' at London City Airport a flight was delayed due to technical problems. Since they... (more) published 2011-09-18 18:57:59

AND FINALLY: Listen carefully

Since this is an AERBT motoring week. ‘If you are a passenger in a car and the driver stops and asks a pedestrian for directions, do... (more) published 2011-09-10 09:39:20

AND FINALLY: It takes all types.

Reuters reports that a man was arrested at Miami Airport last week after security screeners said they found snakes and tortoises... (more) published 2011-09-01 06:34:36

AND FINALLY: Stand-up railway fight

The following is an actual exchange of correspondence between a customer and a well-known railway operator. Gentlemen,I have been... (more) published 2011-08-28 16:48:14

AND FINALLY: Flights for non-flyers

Non-flyers do read AERBT, and plenty of aficionados have friends who are nervous of getting into the air, courtesy of the Wright... (more) published 2011-08-21 09:02:19

AND FINALLY: Where is central London?

It is not for AERBT to argue where is the centre of London but according to the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) it could be... (more) published 2011-08-14 17:58:55

AND FINALLY: Dodgy flight in America

An American Airlines' pilot was assaulted last week as a flight from Miami to Los Angeles was about to take off. It seems that when... (more) published 2011-07-31 19:05:11

AND FINALLY: No news is good news

Did you hear of the British airline whose press office is only open from 08:30 until 17:00 Monday to Thursday and 12:30 on Friday. No out... (more) published 2011-07-24 10:43:42

AND FINALLY: The aviation press

With the media in the spotlight we would like to remind readers how a long gone travel publication reported the annual race between... (more) published 2011-07-13 11:02:31


A bloke is stopped by the police one night. Plod comes round to the driver's window and says, "Excuse me sir, but your nearside... (more) published 2011-07-09 16:59:19

AND FINALLY: Frozen out!

Did you hear of the case in America where a passenger turned up with an open two-litre bottle of whisky. Naturally he was stopped by... (more) published 2011-07-03 09:14:46

AND FINALLY: Lost in Paris

Great show Le Bourget this year. The French have really got their act together. To a point! Free bus from the station to the entrance way... (more) published 2011-06-26 07:43:53

AND FINALLY: Beyond the law

This is a motoring joke and once again IFALPA dug it out from somewhere. Pilots seem to have time to find these! A man was... (more) published 2011-06-16 16:49:43

AND FINALLY: Bull’s-eye

This is not an aviation joke but since it was supplied by our friends at IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilot... (more) published 2011-06-06 11:13:43

AND FINALLY: The smallest Airbus yet

At least you can glide back to earth when the power runs out. The Airbus sponsored electric concept aircraft "eGenius" has... (more) published 2011-06-04 22:41:22

AND FINALLY: Don’t buy duty free!

Don't buy Duty Free if you have to pass through Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport whether connecting or going landside. To be fair... (more) published 2011-05-28 23:26:55

AND FINALLY: You would not believe it!

EBACE is normally a pretty friendly occasion. They may be deadly rivals when it comes to business but the executive aircraft family... (more) published 2011-05-21 07:53:14


AERBT is pleased to announce that the unnamed major aerospace company who attempted to offer journalists one-way way tickets from EBACE to a... (more) published 2011-05-15 08:13:58


The following was published in the IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilots' Associations) daily newsletter, and therefore has... (more) published 2011-05-08 20:18:06

AND FINALLY: easyJet wins wedding award

Full credit to Publicis London for creating this advert in spite of losing the easyJet account. It ran in the British national media over... (more) published 2011-04-30 12:39:19

AND FINALLY: One way press trip

We never like to mention airlines/airports or even train operators when they are acting really daft. AERBT will tell you the story but... (more) published 2011-04-22 15:04:44

AND FINALLY: More technological problems

Readers may recall a recent AND FINALLY where we highlighted the difficulties for short sighted glasses wearers at Heathrow. A reader... (more) published 2011-04-17 14:46:29

AND FINALLY: The Vickers Viscount

Through the wonders of YouTube we have discovered some historical film of the last ever Vickers Viscount flight into Heathrow in April 1996.... (more) published 2011-04-10 16:14:44

AND FINALLY: Foodies joke

Two people went into this restaurant. They said: "Waiter, have you got spaghetti on the menu?" The waiter responds: "It... (more) published 2011-04-01 16:54:57

AND FINALLY: Motoring questions

Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? published 2011-03-26 17:11:57

AND FINALLY: Problems at immigration

Readers may be aware that the UK immigration authorities have introduced a biometric lane in the immigration area of certain... (more) published 2011-03-20 09:10:26

AND FINALLY: Not the most popular night-stop

A British Airways pilot has come up with this one.He was overflying Aden (once a British colony), and saw an Aeroflot freighter climbing... (more) published 2011-03-13 19:27:33

AND FINALLY: Finding the family

What is the best way to get in touch with your long-lost relatives? Win the lottery. And then announce it! published 2011-02-28 09:51:01

AND FINALLY: Luton Airport introduces two new staff members

As part of a series of initiatives aimed at simplifying the security process and improving the experience for passengers, Luton Airport has... (more) published 2011-02-25 22:01:26

AND FINALLY: A place for nervous passengers

AERBT reports on a serious press release issued by Embraer which states that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved... (more) published 2011-02-19 23:12:18

AND FINALLY: The Passport Office

Some years back when working for another publication your Editor experienced problems at the UK London Passport Office. His photograph... (more) published 2011-02-12 11:27:56

AND FINALLY: A quote from my wife

"Have you ever noticed? Anybody driving slower than you is an fool, and anyone going quicker is a lunatic." published 2011-02-05 09:58:05

AND FINALLY: Things are getting better in Italy

Air Traffic Control: "Alitalia 345 continue taxi to 26 Left South via Tango check for workers along taxiway." Alitalia 345:... (more) published 2011-01-30 18:10:30

AND FINALLY: The hand on the wheel

A guy was on the side of the road hitchhiking on a very dark night and in the middle of a storm. The storm was so strong he could hardly see... (more) published 2011-01-23 09:49:06

AND FINALLY: Goal line technology

If FIFA were around 120 years ago they would probably have banned the goal net as "advanced technology". Video goal line cameras... (more) published 2011-01-12 10:39:00


From the Sunday Times travel pages over the holidays. "We were running the bar service on the Sydney route when a... (more) published 2011-01-04 12:06:17


(For the full 2009 index follow the link) ROAD TESTS (also road tests 2009) Audi A7 Sportback 2.8 T FSI Quattro SE S... (more) published 2010-12-16 15:01:22

HAPPY TALK: Sir Rocco and the airlines

Sir Rocco Forte, hotelier, was the guest speaker at the Foreign Airlines Association lunch last week at the Dorchester. He was in a... (more) published 2010-12-11 20:18:38

HAPPY TALK: Can any airline do better?

We are approaching the holiday period. Can any airline do better? published 2010-11-29 07:37:31

HAPPY TALK: Welcome to Ireland

Suggested new sign at Dublin Airport "You are welcome to Ireland." Think about it! published 2010-11-28 18:20:18

HAPPY TALK: Down the gangplank

The cruise ship was finally able to get into harbour despite the stormy weather. Unfortunately everyone on board was forced to use the... (more) published 2010-11-21 07:34:23

HAPPY TALK: From our friends at IFALPA

Some years ago when I was working at an airline ticket counter I had to confirm a passenger's reservation that showed his name as... (more) published 2010-11-12 12:58:58

HAPPY TALK: An Irish airline

The following has been received by AERBT following a very straightforward press enquiry. "I am currently out of the office... (more) published 2010-11-05 20:10:39

HAPPY TALK: Another "blonde" story

On a recent trip there was the inevitable blonde (and predictably an American). After a morning on the rocky foreshore of an Iguana teeming... (more) published 2010-10-29 15:46:28

HAPPY TALK: Down South America way

Staff at a certain South American airline are clearly oblivious to the modern world of security. It's not that their country is remote... (more) published 2010-10-23 22:26:27

HAPPY TALK - More Cabin Crew

More from the Cabin Crew "This aircraft is equipped with a video surveillance system that monitors the cabin during taxiing. Any... (more) published 2010-10-11 10:51:14

HAPPY TALK - Cabin Crew

Just a couple of cabin crew funnies this week "Folks, we have reached our cruising altitude now, so I am going to switch the seat... (more) published 2010-10-06 11:18:05

HAPPY TALK - A great alternative to body scanners at airports!

The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners at the... (more) published 2010-09-29 12:36:42

HAPPY TALK: The expiration date

Now it is true that these days there is a certain class of person who is trained to follow instructions, regardless. This is particularly... (more) published 2010-09-25 09:24:11

HAPPY TALK: Holiday travels

A couple of guys were deep in an African forest. A lion jumped out in front of them and started snarling. Said one "What should we... (more) published 2010-09-19 18:58:55

HAPPY TALK: Job advertisement

A leading airline is advertising for pilots with strong bladders. It would appear that this unnamed carrier is thinking of seeking approval... (more) published 2010-09-08 14:17:19

HAPPY TALK: Wet tales

Trying to do my share for the environment, I placed a bin outside my office and above it hung this instruction: "Empty water bottles... (more) published 2010-09-05 14:18:08

HAPPY TALK: 'Tis an Irish airline

This week's Happy Talk has to be viewed. Please enjoy a few moments. published 2010-08-27 07:55:37

HAPPY TALK: Sweet sounds

This week's final piece has no business travel involvement at all, but since it came from our friends at IFALPA it just about... (more) published 2010-08-21 08:56:15

HAPPY TALK: Eurotunnel Part 2

As AERBT reported last week Eurotunnel, or at least the French end of it, has some serious problems. But it gets worse. You may recall that... (more) published 2010-08-14 19:35:15

HAPPY TALK: Has someone seen my car?

It was going to be a terrific holiday. Take the car to Folkestone, hand it over to the Eurotunnel train crew, jump on board, and pick up... (more) published 2010-08-07 18:44:42

HAPPY TALK: The latest scam

After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the Nigerian goalkeeper personally offered to refund all the expenses of fans that... (more) published 2010-07-30 13:57:23

HAPPY TALK: The smart senior

An elderly friend went to breakfast at a restaurant where the 'seniors' special' was two eggs, bacon, hash browns and... (more) published 2010-07-24 17:42:15

HAPPY TALK: O'Leary eats humble pie

We thought it would never happen but that exuberant Irishman Michael O'Leary has had to eat humble pie. Even he, a man never usually... (more) published 2010-07-12 09:37:26

HAPPY TALK: A special collection for horses

published 2010-07-11 09:16:44


published 2010-07-01 18:37:23

HAPPY TALK: Extra charges

Michael O'Leary wanders into a bar in Dublin and orders a pint of Guinness. "That will be just one euro sir" He is... (more) published 2010-06-25 10:46:22

HAPPY TALK: The new airline Managing Director

The new airline Managing Director assembled his staff at head office. After he had finished talking to his team, a woman came up and said:... (more) published 2010-06-20 10:33:38

HAPPY TALK: England to crash out!

Car insurance companies in the UK will be pleased if England crash out of the World Cup in the early stages. Based on information collated... (more) published 2010-06-11 17:37:27

HAPPY TALK: Do not believe what you read?

(Part 2) Since we took Ryanair to task last week we think it only fair to point out that a British Airways press release was equally... (more) published 2010-06-03 10:09:14

HAPPY TALK: Do not believe what you read

Ryanair's April Traffic Grows 17% That was the figure splashed across the press release. Journalists and city... (more) published 2010-05-30 11:06:06

HAPPY TALK: That pitch!

If you have heard it before please look forward to next weeks HAPPY TALK. And also with deference to South Africa. ... (more) published 2010-05-23 09:05:40

HAPPY TALK: Airborne phones

Now it is possible to phone on an aircraft, but not on the North Atlantic Admittedly it was in Business Class but my lady neighbour was... (more) published 2010-05-14 22:53:54


(somewhat longer than usual but pertinent)While walking down the street one day a ‘Member of Parliament' is tragically... (more) published 2010-05-07 15:12:14

HAPPY TALK Guests complaints

Just a few of the kind of complaints some of our tour operators get. "I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local... (more) published 2010-04-26 07:03:26

HAPPY TALK This is your Captain speaking

A plane was taking off from the airport. After it had reached a comfortable cruising altitude, the captain made an announcement over... (more) published 2010-04-20 11:22:57

HAPPY TALK Cabin Attendants

Rarely these days cabin attendants make an effort to liven up their announcements here are some to hopefully start your week with a smile... (more) published 2010-04-12 09:02:00

HAPPY TALK: Making the choice

Overheard on a recent budget airline flight with no seat reservations. "Darling, this is not John Lewis. We don't have all day to... (more) published 2010-04-06 19:31:31

HAPPY TALK: The helicopter ride

Morris and his wife, Esther went to the State Fair every year. Every year, Morris would say, "Esther, I'd like to ride in that... (more) published 2010-03-29 11:32:34


Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary has been sharply criticised by a Dublin High Court judge for what he described as lying... (more) published 2010-03-26 21:46:20

HAPPY TALK: Noisy airport

A woman, somewhat agitated, called the airport information desk. "I am very sorry but has the xyz taken off yet!" "Just... (more) published 2010-03-17 07:47:17

HAPPY TALK: Short and simple

"You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive." published 2010-03-13 10:22:30

HAPPY TALK: Last rites of a traffic warden

published 2010-03-05 21:29:04

HAPPY TALK: Deeds speak louder that words.

Ryanair held a press conference in London last week to talk about punctuality. Only one problem. Michael O'Leary was late. published 2010-02-28 10:04:25

HAPPY TALK: With a British election due

Even early politicians required feedback from the public to determine what the people considered important. Since there were no telephones,... (more) published 2010-02-16 08:30:15

HAPPY TALK: Security gone mad

We are not going to reveal to readers at which British airport your Editor in Chief had his comb thoroughly inspected by a slow and... (more) published 2010-02-12 09:31:18

HAPPY TALK: No word for it

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, sheer guts plus arrogance. Yiddish itself was the language of eastern... (more) published 2010-02-05 16:33:27


A father, who worked away from home all week, always made a special effort with his family at the weekends. Every Sunday morning he would... (more) published 2010-01-31 11:43:08

HAPPY TALK: Confucius once said

Confucius or was Wilbur Wright once said. "There are four forces that are involved in an aircraft' design. Lift, drag, gravity and... (more) published 2010-01-22 19:37:48

HAPPY TALK: A job for Maigret (and a true story)

French police are investigating whether a pickpocket stole thousands of euros from passengers as they slept on an Air France flight from... (more) published 2010-01-15 23:30:15

HAPPY TALK: Snow jokes

We could not resist it!What happened when the snowgirl fell out with the snowboy?She gave him the cold shoulder!What... (more) published 2010-01-07 13:07:06


ROAD TESTSAudi TT Coupe 2.0 TDI Quattro Diesel Hyundai's small 5-door i20 hatchbackLexus IS-F 5.0 V8Lotus Evora... (more) published 2009-12-20 09:41:18

HAPPY TALK: A coppers tale

An off-duty police officer, familiar with radar guns, drove through a school zone within the legal speed limit when the flash of a camera... (more) published 2009-12-11 23:26:55

HAPPY TALK: At the Aviation Club

Monarch Managing Director Tim Jeans was the guest of honour of the Aviation Club at London's Institute of Directors last week. Tim is... (more) published 2009-12-05 09:22:35

HAPPY TALK: A non-travel story

A non aviation story (but with thanks to the IFALPA (International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations) daily newsletter.The woman... (more) published 2009-11-28 12:45:12

HAPPY TALK: Michael O'Leary again

Michael O'Leary has been at it again, saying that wet weather is the best thing that ever happens to his airline. When it's damp... (more) published 2009-11-20 20:17:37

HAPPY TALK: Prettier than O'Leary

published 2009-11-12 22:20:52

HAPPY TALK: Sharp Story

A baby croc caused chaos on a flight to the Egyptian capital Cairo when it escaped from a passenger's luggage, according to airport... (more) published 2009-11-08 12:20:07

HAPPY TALK: Job application

Cindy was a very experienced front line agent at Heathrow but was getting upset that after a number of years friends working for actual... (more) published 2009-11-01 18:23:46

HAPPY TALK: The worst away end in football

If you think you have suffered the worst away end in football at Dagenham, The old Dell, The Withdean Stadium Brighton or Accrington,... (more) published 2009-10-20 10:10:03

HAPPY TALK: Not a bright student

According to the Cyprus Mail a Sri I Lankan student was on Saturday (17 October) arrested at Larnaca Airport after trying to fly to Paris... (more) published 2009-10-16 21:43:26

HAPPY TALK: Who is controlling your life?

A company I used to work for sometimes put on what they called "Lunch and Learn" seminars during the employees'... (more) published 2009-10-11 17:55:34

HAPPY TALK: Free parking

Where in the country are you guaranteed free parking? The M25. (Mainly in the area of Heathrow) published 2009-10-01 22:31:01

HAPPY: TALK: What is a suspension?

Following last week's COMMENT regarding Renault we now gather that the Formula One constructor is barred from motor sport, with the... (more) published 2009-09-25 23:32:20

HAPPY TALK: Or not so happy talk

This really happened last week on an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Paris. It seems that a member of the crew accidently played a... (more) published 2009-09-14 21:45:04

HAPPY TALK: American sarcasm

An apology noted in Airsafety.Com, a much respected US-based weekly newsletter published by Air Data Research. "Last week I commented... (more) published 2009-09-09 20:55:50

HAPPY TALK: Read the papers first

The shipwrecked mariner had spent a number of years on a deserted island. Then one morning he was thrilled to see a ship offshore and a... (more) published 2009-09-04 22:49:07

HAPPY TALK: Modern times

A policeman arrives at the scene of an accident, in which a car smashed into a tree. The officer rushes over to the vehicle and asks... (more) published 2009-08-30 09:07:41

HAPPY TALK: The Bridge

This story is true, actually happened last week, and fits in nicely with this month's cruising edition. The names (and the ship) have... (more) published 2009-08-23 21:10:05

HAPPY TALK: A tale of our times

A policeman arrives at the scene of an accident, in which a car smashed into a tree. The officer rushes over to the vehicle and asks... (more) published 2009-08-11 12:59:29

HAPPY TALK: Complete summer madness

Some more senior members of the airline business may remember Brian Walters as Lufthansa London Sales Manager in the glory days when most... (more) published 2009-08-03 15:22:59

HAPPY TALK: Dodgy driver

Seb Coe was full of himself last Monday when he announced over the public address system on the inaugural Javelin service from St Pancras... (more) published 2009-07-31 17:54:52

HAPPY TALK: Politically Correct

It seems obligatory these days that whenever a press release is put out it must include a quote by the Chief Executive, or some such,... (more) published 2009-07-22 13:32:11

HAPPY TALK: Tales of European railways

A young English woman, whose Services boyfriend was stationed in Germany, decided to visit him by train. A ticket inspector arrived in... (more) published 2009-07-17 23:27:39

HAPPY TALK: In fact it is getting worse

The bad news has reached the land of year-on-year lousy interest rates, Japan!Origami Bank has folded.Sumo Bank has gone belly... (more) published 2009-07-11 09:38:31

HAPPY TALK: The puffers are caught

Medialounge, see story above, reports on all sorts of problems with smokers at airports. The puffers are being caught in corridors, on... (more) published 2009-07-02 15:22:35

HAPPY TALK: The bare essentials

I kid you not, Air New Zealand is taking safety briefings on its domestic jet services to new heights with body-painted staff set to... (more) published 2009-06-27 19:21:35

HAPPY TALK: A "crap" airline

Qatar Airways boss Akbar Al Baker was in an ebullient mood at the Paris Air Show. Asked at a press conference whether he felt challenged... (more) published 2009-06-16 21:31:19

HAPPY TALK: An airport mix-up

During the 'rush hour' at Houston's Hobby Airport, an un-named airline's flight was delayed due to a mechanical problem.... (more) published 2009-06-08 11:26:08

HAPPY TALK: An awful breakfast

One morning in a highly-rated hotel breakfast room, a guest called over the head waiter. "Good morning, sir! I'd like to order... (more) published 2009-06-01 11:50:24

HAPPY TALK: Big Brother is watching you

For those old enough to recall black and white television and the words of George Orwell in his book 1984 (published 1949 and a 1954 BBC... (more) published 2009-05-29 16:10:18

HAPPY TALK: Anyone for a haircut?

This has been submitted by Ian Goold, a much respected aviation journalist. This is the only connection with the air travel industry,... (more) published 2009-05-20 21:29:55

HAPPY TALK: Love is in the air

Air New Zealand has announced the world's first matchmaking flight. The target audience is American singles looking to find a date... (more) published 2009-05-16 10:51:14

HAPPY TALK: Stormy weather at Sky

Commenting on last week's dismal results from News Corporation Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch said "I am not an economist, and... (more) published 2009-05-09 22:26:19

HAPPY TALK: Pet Airways for your canine friends

PET AIRWAYS of Delray Beach, Florida, is soon to fly. Life may be tough for us humans but it is... (more) published 2009-05-01 16:19:57


Last week AERBT (pronounced Air BT) hosted a launch party at the spendid Holiday Inn Bloomsbury. The following was received the next... (more) published 2009-04-23 12:02:10

HAPPY TALK: Which direction?

An aviation enthusiast on his way to the site of a disused military aerodrome in the middle of rural Norfolk came to a fork in the road... (more) published 2009-04-13 21:45:01