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27 APRIL 2020


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World’s busiest air routes

OAG started to prepare this information much earlier in the year only to be overtaken by events.

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COMMENT: So what happens next?

Go back 20 years and there were no web bookings and airlines ran on credit. Times have changed.

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COVID-19 Update

As of 23 April, over 2.6m COVID-19 cases were recorded worldwide, along with over 185,000 deaths.

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IATA guidance and the pandemic

In just 17 pages IATA has issued a comprehensive document outlining the way airlines might deal with COVID-19.

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Airbus flight diversion

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved the A330-800 for ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operations) “beyond 180 minutes” diversion time.

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Boeing drops Embraer

Over the weekend Boeing made a surprising move, with  stock markets closed, by announcing the termination of a Master Transaction Agreement (MTA) with Embraer, under which the two companies sought to establish a new level of strategic partnership.

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Business aviation responds

In lockdown there are very few flights operating in scheduled aviation – probably around 10% of a typical airline’s schedule – but those that are flying are supporting all manner of critical flights.  

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Crew changing

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) are jointly calling on governments to take urgent measures to facilitate flight arrangements for ship crews.

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Gatwick reports

To tide it over difficult times Gatwick Airport has secured a £300m loan with a consortium of banks loan to ensure its investment grade rating is maintained.

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Stansted to St Helena

For the first time ever the South Atlantic British Overseas Territory of St Helena has received a direct flight from the UK. 

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United and face masks

Starting last Friday (24 April) United Airlines (UA) became the first major US carrier to require all flight attendants to wear a face covering or mask.

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Virgin Australia seeks protection

Richard Branson’s 'down under' airline (the Virgin Group owns 10%) Virgin Australia has entered voluntary administration after failing to secure a bailout from the national government to help manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is flying a very restricted programme and a creditors meeting is due Thursday (30 April).

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Wizz to fly from Luton

Will easyJet follow?

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ON TOUR: COVID-19: A view from the flight deck

Jeremy Feldman is a captain for a large UK airline flying the Airbus A320. He is also an editor of the BALPA newspaper 'The Log’. See also COMMENT in this issue.

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AND FINALLY: Pull the rip cord

My skydiving instructor would always take the time to answer any of our stupid first-timer questions. One guy asked: "If our chute doesn't open, and the reserve doesn't open, how long do we have until we hit the ground?"

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Aurigny flies on

What is in effect the only nationalised airline flying in the British Isles (100% owned by the States of Guernsey since 2003) Aurigny Air Services Ltd is providing vital relief flights to the island of Alderney.

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Aviation Club chairman’s appointment

Ardavon, the French aviation investment and asset management company, has a new chief operating officer in Karl Brünjes, chairman of the Aviation Club of the United Kingdom since 2019.

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British Airways and China

Twenty-one British Airways cargo-only flights a week from China to London will shortly be operating. 

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Eastern Airways

Connected by the Humber Bridge from Hull, Eastern Airways, based at Bristow Group’s Humberside Airport, continues to keep active. Some 85% of the 420 staff are on furlough.

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Emirates for next week

Dubai will feature as a major connecting hub again from next week as Emirates rolls out a much reduced destination schedule. 

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ERA in membership boost

The need for airlines to show a combined front to governments and international legislators at this difficult time has been emphasized with the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) announcing nine new member carriers.

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Hotel hygienic measures

Accor and Bureau Veritas launch a label based on hygienic measures to support the return to business in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

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Iberia brings them home

Spanish airline Iberia (IB), part of the IAG group, has announced its latest efforts in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

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World Health Organisation hub

Liege Airport has been selected by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nation's health agency, and World Food Programme (WFP) to play a crucial role in moving critical supplies across the globe to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

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