23 AUGUST 2021


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James Cole makes some interesting comments regarding JetBlue


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COMMENT: JetBlue and more *

Chris Tarry of CTAIRA, The Specialist Aviation Consultancy, has been a regular contributor to Business Travel News over many years.  Here he reflects on the current international airline position as we move towards winter 2021, and the coming of JetBlue.

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Aberdeen to Newcastle by Eastern *

Eastern Airways is to resume the service linking Aberdeen Airport to Newcastle International Airport from 6 September to provide the vital connectivity between the two regions for the transport-reliant offshore oil, gas and renewables industries.

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Blue Air Heathrow to Nice

Apparently very keen to be seen as a London operator, Romanian airline Blue Air is to start a twice weekly service from Nice to Heathrow from Thursday 16 September. 

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British Airways information

BA has updated its information page providing customers with the latest travel restrictions and entry requirements.  In some ways it is easier to handle than the Government’s official website shown on the top of Business Travel News.  British Airways also offers an interactive map by sherpa.

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Dubai for British Airways

BA is back on the popular Dubai route now that the UAE is out of the 'red' zone with a daily service operating a Boeing 787-9.  There had been no flights since January.

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IATA confirms Travel Pass *

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has challenged the World Health Organization (WHO) to revisit its work to develop a global digital vaccine standard.

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India for BA *

British Airways has announced that it will increase flights from ten to 20 per week from India to the UK, starting from 16 August. The Indian Government has now allowed UK carriers to operate 34 flights per week.

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Kabul Airport

The name Hamid Karzai for the international airport just outside (10 miles) the Afghanistan capital Kabul is likely to change any day now, but it will still retain the IATA and ICAO codes (KBL and OAKB).

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Norse Atlantic Airways

Summer 2022 for new Norwegian airline.

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UAE and India

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has issued fresh guidelines for passengers travelling from India.

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Unruly passengers *

Disruptive US airline passengers have been fined upward of $1m in civil penalties this year, with a majority of the fines related to refusing to wear face masks, as required by federal law.

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ON TOUR: Singapore *

BTN continues with a series of travel reviews of places that are open for Brits.  With Singapore off the ‘red’ list Jeff Mills reminds us of what we have been missing.

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AND FINALLY: Passenger record *

Exaggerated numbers carried by USAF Boeing C17 aircraft in the Kabul evacuation last week has meant some research by BTN on the largest number of people ever flown at one time.

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Manchester T1 Aspire Lounge opens

The much-anticipated reopening of Manchester Airport’s Aspire Lounge last week was a further indication that both business travel and a requirement for more select facilities by leisure travellers is beginning to return.

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American stays dry *

Do you want a tipple on board?  If the answer is ’yes‘ don’t fly American Airlines.

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BA to Rotterdam *

British Airways (CityFlyer) is to take over the route from London City Airport to Rotterdam now available due to the demise of Flybe.

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Eurostar adds services

St Pancras station, the London terminal for Eurostar, is about to see a big increase in passengers.

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Heathrow 14th busiest European airport *

Traditionally easily the leader when it came to passenger throughput Heathrow has dropped to 14th for the first half of this year according to figures published by Airports Council International (ACI Europe), the airport trade body.

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New Zealand lockout *

If you were thinking of making a business trip to New Zealand, or visiting friends/relatives in the kiwi country don’t plan on anything until next year.

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Southend Airport abandoned by Ryanair *

Not for the first time Ryanair has walked away from a popular airport, this time Southend, the victim of the airline’s ruthless business attitude. 

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Turkey out of the red? *

There are persistent rumours that Turkey, one of the most popular destinations for UK holidaymakers could come out of the 'red' zone later this week.

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Warning by airline

Ryanair has issued a warning to customers regarding fake boarding passes issued by Kiwi.com for Ryanair flights.

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Wizz enrols at Luton

Following the BTN story 21 June Wizz for Jersey and recruiting the airline has confirmed a series of events at Luton Airport.

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