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Quiz answers

Once again a very big thanks to Rod Simpson of  AIR-BRITAIN  for helping to put this quiz together and to our main prize supplier, easyJet, for the first prize of a return flight for two anywhere on its extensive system. The questions were not easy.  But what to do for New Year 2021?

1.  For a start, an airliner from the southern hemisphere. (a) Which airline is this and (b) aircraft type?
     Answer: (a) Air Seychelles  (b) Airbus A320















 2.  Closer to home, this tail is a regular at Heathrow. Which airline?
      Answer: Germanwings













3. (a) What is this old 4-engined aircraft?   (b) Name one of its operators.   
    Answer: (a)
Avro Lancastrian   (b) One required from these: TCA, Qantas, BOAC, BSAA, FAMA







4.  Another flashback to the piston-engined era – but what type is this?
Sud Est Armagnac











5A little smaller, but what is this cute single-seater? 
     Answer: Comper Swift


















6.   Down in the weeds – identify this high-wing light aircraft?  
     Answer: Cessna 210N Centurion










7.  Another aircraft in the undergrowth – (a) but what is it and (b) where was it built? 
     Answer: (a) LET L-410 Turbolet  (b) Czech Republic
















8.  Here is another colourful tail – which airline?
Answer: Cayman Airways




















9This should be easy ! Identify the airline.  
Answer:  El Al



















10.  What is this small aircraft from the 1940s?  
Answer:  The Portsmouth Aerocar
















11It is actually a twin-engined aircraft. So, (a) what is it and (b) where can you see one flying today? 
Answer: (a) The Matra Moynet 360 Jupiter  (b) Espace Air Passion Museum, Angers, France














12A smart high-wing tail dragger – (a) what is it and (b) in which country was it built?  
Answer: (a)  Aero Boero 115. (b) Argentina















13Name this small helicopter.  
Answer:  Cessna Skyhook












14.(a) What is this interesting little jet with a T-tail and (b) what was its role? 
     Answer: (a) Potez-Heinkel CM.191  (b) 4-seat executive jet








15Another airline tail from the southern hemisphere?  
      Answer: Mango Airlines












16The name of this airline is in the logo!  
      Answer: TUI















17A very patriotic colour scheme – but (a) what type of aircraft is this and (b) which aircraft was it developed from?
       Answer: (a) Quartz Mountain 11E   (b) Luscombe 11A Sedan













18(a) Name this airliner and (b) which airline flew it?  
      Answer: (a) Dassault Mercure  (b) Air Inter













19.  (a) What is this single-engined turboprop and (b) what type is it converted from?  
      Answer: (a) DMI Engineering Falcon 421  (b) Cessna 421 Golden Eagle









20Another turboprop – but what is the aircraft?  
      Answer: Pilatus PC-6 Porter








21A sunny tail – but what is the airline?  
       Answer: Allegiant






















22A familiar sight around Europe. Which airline?  
      Answer: Aeroflot

























23Here is an interesting military aircraft, (a) but what is it?   (b) Name two air forces that flew it.  
      Answer: (a) Avro Canada CF.100 Canuck  (b) Canada and Belgium
















24Flying boats are always fun – but what is this?  
      Answer: Grumman SA-16 Albatross

















25And here is another water bird – (a) what is it?  (b) In which country was it built? 
      Answer: (a) Noorduyn Norseman (b) Canada
















26This one goes fast! What is it?  
       Answer: Dassault Mirage IV
















27.  Clearly a basic trainer, but what type? 
       Answer: Toyo TT-1















28This will certainly attract attention – what is it? 
       Answer:  The Cartercopter














29Wildlife adorns this tail. What is the airline? 
       Answer:  Frontier Airlines


























30A tough one! Who is this Embraer 145 operator?  
      Answer: Moçambique Expresso




















31An unusual light aircraft – what is it? 
       Answer: Verhees Delta 2

















32An easy one – (a) what is this flying boat?  (b) What was its name when built in Canada?  
       Answer: (a) Convair PBY-5A Catalina  (b) Canso
















33Sitting in the snow – a lightplane from the 1940s? 
       Answer: Piper PA-6 Sky Sedan
















34Another tail – this time from North America?  
      Answer: Spirit
























35And yet another airliner tail?  
      Answer: Westjet

























36This light aircraft looks well fed! What is it? 
       Answer: Wilson Private Explorer












37(a) Name this two-seat trainer.  (b) Where is it built? 
      Answer: (a) Aeromot Guri (b) Brazil
















38Quite an old light aircraft. And the type? 
      Answer: Heinkel He.64















39Pretty in Pink! Name this aircraft?  
      Answer: Vans RV-12

















40It’s a Boeing 727 – but what was the airline? 
      Answer: Braniff International














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Michael carrivick,

Knowing how strict the judging was last year on the name of an airline, then Q15 is Mango Airlines, not Airways. Again, a good test with some elephant traps!

Simon Grigor, Harrow

Fully appreciate 'editor's decision is final' but I don't think the answer given at 11(a) is the aircraft type, which was what we were requested to state. (For what it's worth I think it's a Moynet M360 Jupiter). Hugely enjoyable quiz once again.